Monday, 26 December 2011

What a Gift we received.....

This was by far the most wonderful Christmas ever. We started off going to the Church service in the morning - brought tears to my eyes, tears of Gratitude, that many people received the light of Christ this year - I could see it in their faces. Afterwards we were all skiing together - except my parents - I was so full of Joy and Gratitude......seeing the beautiful mountaintops white with snow, the SONshine.....the slopes ahead of me - my heart was full of Joy - skiing down the Hills I sang songs of Praise and Worship......what a great Father in Heaven we have, who created all this for us to enjoy. What fun to be had in His Playground. Thank you Father!!!

Later at home, we watched a movie (with my parents this time and with my kids) - afterwards ordering Pizza Take Out - AMAZING indeed. Normally my parents don't adhere to such a custom....but it was much fun, too.

Followed by card games - creating Memories - you might remember, that I so longed for truly creating Memories with my kids - The Lord has provided the HOW again.......all I had to do was the WHAT!!! Praise Him eternally.

All this happened on Christmas Day - the presence of the Lord was felt intensely.....

Love Him so much.

In Christ alone forever :)

Merry Christmas again to you all.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Sleepless nights spent with the Lord

After many more sleepless nights.....but I could always sleep at least a couple of hours before midnight, which is the best sleep anyways, so I am not worried...........the sleepless hours have been spent in communication with my Lord Jesus - receiving the blessings He's been sending my way over the years - always not sure, I deserved them - doubting myself. But finally I don't doubt it anymore, but I wholeheartedly receive them!!! He is my very best friend ever, and such a generous one at that. What a relief, that someone is so generous toward me....and He doesn't want anything back - just my love, and that's so easy!!!

On Sunday I went to church here in Oberägeri, and it was absolutely amazing, again making me see clearer. 

This time here in Switzerland is marked by seeing very good friends - I feel so blessed - they're all (or I should say most of them) making room to see me - thank you Lord for these wonderful friendships, that you gave me.

I love you, Abba Father - guess what: on Tuesday I am going to see Abba, the Musical - I was such a huge fan as a teenager - that's quite the treat.

God truly is in control - Hallelujah 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

He REALLY can use it ALL!!!

This will probably be my last blog before Christmas.......we're heading out to Switzerland tomorrow, and even though I am pretty organized (that's definitely a novelty around here - packing would normally find me in such hectic until the very last minute) - PTL :) - still I don't see many more idle moments, and I am not sure, what kind of frantic pace will meet me there. So I want to take this moment, to extend my warmest Christmas Wishes to you. May the Peace and Love of Christ permeate your soul this Christmas, and give you rest!!! Rest this broken world needs so desperately.

I am blown away, how things are starting to fall together, and what seemed to be my biggest troubles, struggles and challenges, turn out to be my biggest blessings in disguise. Had I not suffered during my childhood (I was taken by ambulance into the hospital at not even age 2 with Pseudo Krupp - and was placed under an oxygen tent - mind you at the time moms were not allowed in the it was a dreadful place - I thought everybody had deserted me - that I wasn't worth keeping - mind you it's been many many years later, that I figured this out, through all kinds of therapy) - and then having had Asthma ever since has not proven easy - yet again, had I not suffered this greatly, I couldn't appreciate the peace and joy that has been given to me - as my pre-Christmas gift by my Daddy in Heaven!!! 

Yet He loved me so completely through it, that today I can say: even though my Dad here on earth chose his horses (I was allergic to horses - and got asthma when in contact with them) over my health could be used for the good of me - the rejection of it hurt deeply, but over the years, Jesus healed it and today I cannot even be mad at my Dad anymore, for I see that he didn't have an agenda to hurt me, he was just, who He needed to be at that time. I see him as this struggling soul, who is desperately trying to find his way home - into the loving arms of His Father in Heaven, and his earthly father who is in Heaven, for that matter, to find love, peace and acceptance, that the world withheld from him for so long. And if I can extend any of this love and acceptance here on this planet, I will gladly do it - for His Grace is sufficient for all of us here on earth. All I have to do is, to love my neighbour (figure of speech ;) - all the people I encounter during my days here on earth with the love Christ has shown me - that He showered over me by His Grace alone - so now I am asked to extend that to all my fellow men - for I got it for free, so I am giving it freely.

And He truly can use it all - no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in - He can turn it around for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.....

This purpose may just be to give comfort to those that go through the same as you did, but in that there is great joy, cause you can extend His hand to the ones that are without hope regarding a special situation. Isn't that just amazing. Whatever it is, what my God wants from me: my answer is YES!!! For thankfully I never have to worry about the how the assignment He has for me is fulfilled, but only do what He asks me to do, when He asks me to do it, and He'll take care of the rest.

This is my Christmas message for you: never doubt that God can use you!!! He has turned me around, and that's a miracle in itself.  He has been with David (a shepherd boy appointed to be king by God Himself) and with Gideon and Esther, just to name a few of those who walked the earth before us.

The Glory belongs to God alone

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 Speechless

Today we had a meeting, my son's teacher, the principal and the resource teacher at the school (A Christian School that is) - I don't know, if I mentioned, that the principal and the school have been backing me in this journey - my son is still a student of his Christian School - and this is a Christian School in the true sense: Acceptance of all students, every single one matters.... - I personally am eternally grateful for all they've been doing for my son.....they continuously extend and extended Christ's Love to us. The principal has become a very dear the midst of all this struggle..... - I value her as a woman of wisdom and great character. She is such a woman of God - a true inspiration to me. 

The board had to approve of the new teaching plan for my son, when we first discussed 'home' schooling - and they did. So very grateful for that.....and I can tell you they easily could have expelled my son from the school all together, and I could not have blamed them....but they're hanging in there with me - what a privilege to call this school mine (well maybe I should say: the school that my kids go to) - but it feels like mine:) I would defend the school with my life, if I had to. They've blessed so many families and are continuing to grow. I can see that God has great plans for this school. Now, back to the board.....they did approve back in October of this year, to facilitate the schooling for my son in a different format - today the principal shared with me, that one of the board members had shared at a board meeting, that his special Joy this year was, that they could make this happen for my son. What an amazing statement - that my son would matter this much!!! They're really walking alongside us and I am so grateful.

I am in absolute awe, when I look at the many blessings, my Jesus has prepared for me. What a special friend He is. 

My nanny is sick - so this week I am juggling all alone again.....add to the normal load some packing and getting all Christmas preparation done....and some major back pain - but it's amazing, even in all this, i rejoice over all the things He is doing and preparing for me.....

Since He is in the Miracle Business, I placed a couple of miracles I wish for this Christmas with Him......... - I will keep you posted, when the time is ripe. Right now, all I can say:
I have received my Christmas Gift already!!!

In case you wonder, what that is: - He has set me free to fly :) - I can leave my burdens at His feet, and don't have to snatch them back anymore. For I trust Him with my life and that of my children and my original family, too!!! - I can almost see forever...............and I am forever grateful for His steadfast love and that He'll never quit until He is through.....and He's committed to finish the work He started within us. 

Don't I just have the most wonderful Daddy??? He loves me so much, makes me cry - and when I grasp His promises, I am simply overwhelmed!!!

In Christ alone

Sunday, 11 December 2011

God never ceases to surprise me with His blessings

Good afternoon, today was already the 3rd Sunday of Advent.....hard to believe, that Christmas Eve is less than 2 weeks away. I love the Christmas Season. 

Here is what happened this morning....because my son had stayed over at my brother's house......we had to pick him up before that meant it was a bit stressful getting ready even before our normal time to leave the house..... - so I forgot to take an envelope for the offering........driving to church, I thought: where will I get an envelope....??? And when I walked into the church, there they were handing out the new envelopes for 2012 - that's what God does, you know, He not only hears your prayers, but your thoughts, and He longs to give you all that you need or long for. Thank you so much, Jesus - for again and again providing for my needs - even if it's just such little things as giving me not just one, but a box of envelopes. - this is what He is doing, He is blessing us greatly each day and in the background He is always preparing more awesome blessings for us to have - I can't wait to see what's happening next.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas time - God bless you always

Friday, 9 December 2011

Set free to fly....

Today, as I was getting together with my sister for lunch......we were sharing about our faith and what God has done for each one of us..... - it's amazing, what He can do, if we let Him - if we realize our need for forgiveness and healing.

My heart is overflowing with deep deep love for Him, who set me free to fly - by His Grace alone I am set free to fly!!! I feel like this butterfly, that has just come out of its chrysalis, and spreads its wings to fly. These last years have been very very difficult. Last year I was hoping that 2011 would get easier - yet it didn't - throughout the year I thought that this was one of the hardest years ever- with the scare that I could have lost my mother in the spring to a ruptured colon....and all the other things I mentioned in my earlier posts. But as this year draws to a close, I am tempted to say, it was the best ever, as by His Grace I have been set free - truly set free. Never have I felt so free in my heart, so loved and so fully accepted - you know, He's created us all in His image......and He doesn't create crap - He made us all for His purpose, to help other people to see the love of Christ - and to shine His light into this dark and broken world.

So grateful and humbled beyond all I could ever even imagine - amazed, that He could use me, who's middle name was insecurity - always trying to live up to the expectations of others - rarely living up to my own.........and with all the insecurities that were my personal make up, He has now given me back the dignity and respect that is our birth right........I am not afraid anymore that people might desert me, cause I am safe in the loving arms of the One who loves me so completely, that it never fails to bring tears to my eyes, when I feel His tender touch.

Wow, who would have ever guessed I'd feel this whole and free in my life. The Glory is to God alone - without Him, none of this could have happened.

He sure is worth pursuing........ - The year that seemed to be the hardest ever, turns out to be the most blessed ever. This year has seen me struggling with depression, but now it's leaving me in Awe at what the Creator of the Universe, God Almighty has done for me - and FINALLY I can spread my wings and FLY!!!.

As Laura Story sings - maybe it's through the raindrops and through the tears, that we receive our greatest blessings.

In Christ alone,
Grace 4ever!!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Eternal Love this Christmas Season for all mankind!!!

December 7th, 2011

It's been a while - it's just such a busy time of the year.....

Two days ago I was driving to Toronto, to go Christmas Shopping with my niece.....and as I was listening to Christmas Music, I was praying out loud about all kinds of things.....I was flooded with such gratitude toward my Special Friend and Saviour, that I was in tears.....almost not being able to contain it. He's delivered me from so many strongholds in the past.....and He is still working in me, to set me free from self doubt and insecurities. He has healed my heart in so many ways and I am so much stronger than I was one year ago - never mind 17 years ago.....- it's simply amazing what He is doing in my life right now - and in retrospect, what He has been doing over the last 2+ decades.

He has been at work in me continually and He has truly changed me from Glory to Glory - and He's  not finished with me......but with each hardship that He has proven, that He truly is right beside me, I am filled with TRUST (yes, in capital letters:)) for my Jesus.....I know now, more than ever before, that ALL IS WELL WITH MY SOUL - and that with Him I can endure all things!!! 

What describes this most wonderful relationship is: Honesty and Truth.....not to forget Trust and Faith from my side and Faithfulness from His part, paired with the most tender heart. All that I was ever longing for, has come true. He loves me with such tender love and just how we as parents think about things to surprise our children with, so He is preparing our place for us in Heaven - and on the way, we're being showered with such tremendous blessings here on earth. I feel so loved and cherished. None of my earthly relationships (and here I talk of any relationship: Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend, Employee and Employer, Lover) could give me this sense of being accepted and loved so completely. And even though I am still hoping and praying, that there will be a godly man that I could share all this with.....I know, that what I have today will suffice for eternity.

I am in awe - and I am so thankful. My prayer is, that this Christmas Season, The hearts of all mankind would be wide open, to receive the Love of Christ.........for the world is in need of His saving Grace!!! 

Your sister in Christ - forever and ever!!!