Monday, 30 April 2012

God IS Faithful.....

.....All the Time!!! Last night I watched a Movie, that moved me to tears, a Movie about second chances, a man and a woman both struggling with challenges of their own.....meeting by chance, but helping each other to see clearly, to feel alive again.....yet before they can start their future together, the man dies, leaving the woman grieving, but changed forever......embracing life!!! That's how it is with God - with God we get our second chance at life - Life more abundant at that. With God, we do not have to face sudden loss/death, but we gain eternal life with Him.

At the end of the movie, she sees the wild ponies, she always dreamt about seeing, they gallop right towards her - another way, God works in our life. He fulfils our biggest dreams - ever surprising us with His generosity and tender love - He knows our heart and He knows our deepest wishes......mind you, He placed them in our hearts, and it is His desire, to fulfil them.

Never ever give up believing, that He will come through for you as well. The enemy of our soul wants us to believe, that we'll never amount to anything, that our deepest wishes are just that: wishes, that will never be granted. Turn to God and believe His promises, that He will free you from bondage and that He'll heal your hurting heart.....He will never forsake you - and He longs for you to reach your full potential.

He who created you in your mother's womb gave you all the talent and gifts, to reach your full potential and fulfil your destiny.

Praising God for His Faithfulness - always

Friday, 27 April 2012


Oh, I forgot to mention: He gave us the fairy tales, that our souls had something to long for and look forward to....:)

There is the promised 2nd. part from today's quiet time with God: He has shown me that He wants to heal me completely - that's not new.....but today he brought my attention to something that has been troubling me for a while...... - my son enjoys to tickle those around him, including me - yet I hate it so much......that makes him like it even more. I am struggling with how am I going to teach him to respect other people's spaces, I have turned to God, to show me, how He wants me to teach, discipline my children, His one advice was, to keep my calm with them, and let the Holy Spirit flow through me - yet in the moment that's tough, as it really bothers me - so here comes the astounding part: He showed me, why it did bother me so much......during my life there were times, when I was touched against my will (thankfully I have never been raped, but I have been molested), which actually made me put on quite some weight, as to hide myself, that men would not find me attractive - or where I was reprimanded for touching myself (even though just very innocently as a little girl) - this all resulted in a not so balanced way, how I feel about being touched today, even if it is just being tickled by my son - this being entirely innocent.

Today He promised me, that He would take away the hurt and shame that came with those childhood memories, that I will be made whole again, that I will not feel threatened this way ever again. Again there were tears, but as it is these days, the tears, that are shed, are always tears of relief and gratitude. I know, He will lovingly complete the work He has begun in me.....He's never going to quit, until He is through. Yeah, that's absolutely true. That is the character of God - He's not a quitter, never was and never will be. I am so glad, that He is my master, and that it is He, who holds my destiny safe in His Hands.

As I was reading today - I am doing a book/bible study with a dear friend of mine - we're reading the book: 'So long insecurity" by Beth Moore - I was deeply blessed and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, God wants me to be set apart for Him, being a woman clothed in Dignity and Strength - given to me, by my Creator, who placed Eternity in our hearts, that we wouldn't settle for less than what only He can bestow onto us - Happily Ever after with our eternal bridegroom. What a destiny to receive, wow I am again thrilled to see, that He will do all that it takes, to set me free from all the bondage I am in. And He wants to do the same thing for you.

Trusting Him with all the refining and polishing and healing He is doing - 
gratefully yours, forever

Happily Ever After..... - Fairy tales are 4 real :)

Good Morning my sweet friends, here is what I received this morning - God has chosen to wake me up really early these days and then I pray and we have our quiet time together....this morning the message was twofold.....

1. We always say, that fairy tales are not for real - well, I have some news for you: they are for real, just as Heaven is for real. The struggles that are in the fairy tale, the fights - what ever is the body of the story represents our days here on earth - where we face challenges of many kinds, but when we find our eternal bridegroom - He will save us from all our trials, and when we finally see Him face to face, and are His Princess Bride, we will find the happily ever after we are longing for so desperately.

We were on the wrong track, trying to find this kind of Happiness in the here and now, when we're not in God's Will for our lives - yet we can reach that point, once we are following Him and only Him. Then the rejoicing begins, and the Happily Ever After will follow.

The second part will come later - maybe today or tomorrow - as I have to run and get a few things done, I just thought, you'd like to hear that one right away.

Your sister in the Lord - a grateful follower of Christ forever

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spread you arms and die......

I am speechless - again - seems to happen quite often lately :) - at what God is doing in my life. Today His word for me was, trust me, to carry you over the finish line, if you're too weary.....well, that's still a bit tough for me, I always was far more the doer, than I have ever been the He'd made it clear though, that He wanted me to step back and relax (guess how He did that: my car broke down, as I was just going back home to let the dog out to pee and then head out again, to meet with a friend of mine)........I had just texted my friend, that I would be there shortly, when my car slowed down, just to stop completely. It needed to be towed into the shop, and is diagnosed at this moment. I didn't have to search far, that He wanted me to stay put. 

There are some things that are gripping my heart right now - not in real fear, but in letting go of old insecurities which really aren't appropriate anymore - He wants me to turn it all over to Him. 'The vultures of darkness ate the crumbs you left - just leave it to me, I'll lead you home '- as Michael W. Smith sings.......yes, I spread my arms and died to my old ways, turned it all over to Him, and left it to Him, to lead me home. I don't need any of these old habits and old character traits anymore

Not easy, that's for sure, but then again, what is here in this world? Plus nobody ever promised us, it would be easy - Jesus did promise us though, that He'd never leave us, and that He'd calm the storms for us or carry us through them - and that we could do all things, through Christ, who strengthens us.

The best is yet to come - when you spread your arms and die to self - you get to spread your wings and fly for Him. I personally rather fly, even if it requires to die first. For the dying to self is necessary to be truly set free to fly. Yet by surrendering All to Jesus, we get so much in return - it still blows me away....I may never actually get accustomed to the thrill of seeing to which extend He wants to be involved in my life and in which measure He is willing to come through for me. 

Right now, He is moving in so many ways in my life - and even though it's tough sometimes, to not try to take hold of the reins again - for fear lurking around the corner, I never want them back at all.  Complete Love casts out all fear......which means, if I fix my eyes upon Jesus, I don't have to be afraid anymore, for He promises me, that no weapon against me should prosper - that He will protect me from my enemies. How can I still be afraid? 

In Christ we stand forevermore - that's all we ever have to do......stand tall in Him and trust, that He will lead us home into His loving arms.

Praying for you right now - Hugs and God's Blessings to you always

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Double check your motives.....

My head is spinning with all the teaching and disciplining I am receiving from my Heavenly Father right now - today's lesson was on checking my inner motives..... - You all know, that I love the Lord my God with all my heart, but somehow through all the transparency and honesty that I want for this blog, somehow a very selfish desire had slipped unnoticed through my scan check.....I had used the blog, not to lie about my feelings and experiences, but to get even with someone - I won't go into detail, as it isn't relevant in the content, as all I write is true and honest, but the motivation why I wrote it (mind you, I perceived it as from God) was a selfish one - that's why it's even more important, to double check our motives, especially in such a sacred message - we have to be pure vessels for God - there is no room for selfish motivation or gain. 

Today, He has made this slip very clear to me, and I promise, that I will be far more careful in the future, that this will never happen again. 

I apologize, that I didn't realize what was going on, and if I did, I had denied it completely/didn't want to look at it......but God is ever so faithful at pointing it out - He does it always in such a way, that I can take the disciplining in stride - and learn and grow. 

My promise to you, and God is, that I will double check my motives at all times from now on. This blog is sacred to me, and I feel extremely honoured by you all, that you take the time to read my humble account - I pray that you will find it encouraging in your walk with Christ - maybe even choose to give your life to Christ and find a Bible preaching church in your reach.

My friends, I am headed to bed now, but I had to make things right with God and with you, before I turn in for the night. I love you all so much, and please feel free to comment my blog, if you have questions or anything else you might want to share with me. You can befriend me on Facebook (Youschka Heintz) or follow me on Twitter (youschka2012) - I'd love to hang out with you - I am interested in hearing about your struggles and you can always post a prayer request here as well.

Good night for today, wishing you a peaceful night

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rejoicing comes in the morning.....

Wow, this day truly has been a bit of a roller coaster: first big tears.......a heart that is hurting - but Jesus again has been more than faithful - He has comforted me and wiped away my tears. Now to something real big: He has shown me, that I have to rejoice in Him at all times and that I have to receive all His blessings with a grateful heart. 

Okay, here is the scoop: at 1:00 pm we had a meeting at the school - we, that's the principal of the school, my son's teacher, the teacher of my son's son and myself - Here is the big news: Tomorrow my son will be reintegrated into his classroom!!! Hallelujah - Praise God.

I had been at the mall this morning, cause I had to return and exchange a few gifts, that my daughter had received for her birthday, that didn't fit her. On the way there - you might remember, that I love praying out loud in my car.... - I realized, that I really had to receive ALL He has for me, that means really ALL - that means, that He promises us Healing in His word, if we only believe. Remember the woman that only needed to touch His garment, and was healed. This Healing is ours, if we only believe. I have been walking by Faith alone the last few weeks or months......believing the promises God has given me regarding my son - that He would be called the City of God's Delight, no longer being called the Forsaken one. I am receiving this truth today. I only need to touch His garment - by my Faith my son has been set free - His heart has found healing and He is complete in Christ.

Huge huge huge indeed. It's taken a number of months of my precious Jesus changing me inside out - today all doubt in His promises, that He truly is for real has been extinguished. 

At this point, I want to express my deepest gratitude to the elders of my church for their involvement in my son's life - thank will never know, how much I appreciate you. The same goes for the pastor, who let him and his teacher use a room in our church. This heart of a mother is moved to tears of gratitude. Praying for all the wonderful people that have represented such pillars of faith and prayer to us.

The church next door to the school also provided a room for the last few weeks, before the reintegration happened, to provide a partial reintegration - meaning that my son could spend recess with his friends - A big Thank You to the pastor and their staff as well. Truly, honestly, we couldn't have done it without you. 

I also want to thank the school for extending a hand of Grace to us - all these months walking alongside me - being Jesus to me, when I was about to break. I can only again say: I am overwhelmed, what the people around me have done for me and my little family - and my prayer is, that God may greatly bless them all for the strength they have provided for me, when I was about to crumble in the raging see - drowning in the inside - raining in the inside, as Amy Grant sings. 

Through it all, God has provided for people to love us, people to strengthen us, to comfort us, therapists and counsellors, to provide the base on which to stand - when there was not much else to stand on. He has helped me to truly trust Him with all my heart and not lean on my own understanding.

Grateful also for music - Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith have for more than 20 given me strength through the beautiful gift, God has given them. This year truly is a year of favour from the Lord - I will meet both Artists in the summer. Thankful thankful thankful.

Karen Kingsbury helped me to start believing in the small voice of God.....that I could hear it, too - I cruised with her this march. All three artists have been of paramount blessing to me, helping me to draw nearer and nearer to Jesus. Now I am praying, that the Lord will continue to bless them and strengthen them in their beautiful ministries. What an amazing year this is.

Just recently, I learnt to be really grateful for my challenges - they turn out to be my deepest blessings, they have coloured my life in the brightest colours and as any artist knows, black gives depth to any picture. They have made me turn to God, and trust only in Him - and He in turn has given me the biggest present, that is His Grace and Forgiveness, a wonderful Relationship and Eternity with Him.

I hope and pray that my story is opening your eyes to the Glory of God and helps you choose to put your trust in Him. Rejoicing truly comes in the morning.

Forever grateful

Rejection hurts......

Rejection hurts, that's a given - yet it let's us share in the pain, that Jesus must have felt, when He walked the earth. The rejection from the all the people on Calvary, in His hometown, His childhood friends - even His family. His heart must have been breaking.

As God has shown me recently, that I still had scars that resulted from past rejections....Today, when I read my devotions, my heart was breaking all over again. Due to some incident from recent days, it had  all been brought to the forefront of my heart.  Yet today Jesus wrapped His loving arms around me once again, and healed my heart of some of the biggest blows in my life, or should I say bound them up, so that they can truly heal. I am not saying that it is over......but as it is with God - one step at a time, He binds up one wound at a time......there will be more, I am sure, things that I have stuffed so far away, into the deepest crevices of my will take some more digging and Healing, that's a given, but I know, that I can trust, that He catches me, when I fall and He'll wipe away all my tears, in His time.

Knowing this, I don't fear the next bend anymore. Jesus will provide the shoulder I need, to cry on....He's going to hold me tight, until I will lift up my eyes, when all the tears are gone - then He will look into my eyes and tell me - you are my princess, I know, how much you have been hurting, I've been there, sweet darling, I have come to Heal your heart completely - that's why He says in His word: Come to me, all you are weary and heavy laden - and I will give you rest. He will make sure, that all will be well with my soul. 

He promises that He goes before us, that He has our back - He will protect you from the ones that have hurt you, prosecuted you, He will protect you from your enemies - Always. So please, my dear friends, rest in His promises and in His loving arms - He will wipe away your tears - just as He has done to me today.

Have Faith - your sister in Christ

Monday, 23 April 2012

Do you speak Holy Spirit....?

It's funny, but I realise a pattern in the way I learn/speak different languages: When I first came to North America, I thought I couldn't hold my own in a conversation, until I dreamt in English - that's when I realised that yes, I am pretty fluent......especially if I am dreaming in this language. English has always been my free language - it's the language I pray in.....most of the time. Even though I make it a point, to teach my kids to pray the 'Lord's Prayer'  and a few other prayers in German (as it's their mother tongue). It's a gift, to grow up bilingual, a gift I will give to my kids. 

In order to get my degree at a Hotel Management School in Switzerland - the French part of Switzerland - I went to Paris to study French. There again, I was doing so so - holding my own in a conversation, until I had a dream, that I was spending an evening with my french family - it hit me, that I had dreamt of my difficulties speaking French, yet I had been able to dream their conversations in perfect French. That's when I knew, that I knew far more than I thought I did.

When I started writing this blog, it was for myself only - yet I felt compelled to write - by the Holy Spirit???..... - when I gave it to a friend of mine to read....there were passages, that I didn't realise I had written. I realised then, that it truly was God/the Holy Spirit prompting me to write - as I had previously thought, yet I hadn't been entirely sure. I, again, I didn't notice until an occasion arose that proved that fact to me. As whoever praises God and honours Christ in His writing writes in Spirit and in Truth. Someone, who is not filled with the Holy Spirit or filled with another Spirit, that isn't from God, would not be able to give Reverence and Glory to God. He might even curse God, and that truly is not of God. So I guess I can say, that means I speak Holy Spirit - do you?

I know, that God imparts different gifts to His followers, and He works in all of His children simultaneously to change us from Glory to Glory - and I cannot boast about the things I am writing about here.....they are not of me, but of His Spirit - He compels me to share my testimony and to write about what I have learnt in my walk with Christ..... - to comfort you and to give you hope. I believe His gift to me is writing - it's something that I always loved to do. He has put this love for writing into my heart, when I was knit together in my mothers womb - He knew, what He wanted me to do, before I could even glimpse it from afar.

It's such an Honour to be writing for Him. That's all I ever dreamt to do - remember I shared, that several years ago, I thought that one day I will write a book. The Title was already there, but nothing else. Well the title was 'In The Name of The Father' - that's the title of my blog. I don't know if this will become a book one day, or if this blog is what God intended me to write..... (at the time blogging didn't even exist) - all I know is, that I will go, where God will lead me, will do what God will lead me to do. As this is the only way I can imagine life from this day forward. 

My prayer for you today is, that you would find your gift, if you haven't found it yet. God has given you special purpose and a special gift or talent. The talent is God's gift to us, what we do with it - how we can honour Him through using our talent is our gift back to God.

I am sure, it's not hidden or hard to find - most of the time it's something that you have enjoyed doing all your life, yet you would never have thought it could be used for the Glory of God.

Heavenly Father, I lift up all the women and men that are reading my blog, that they would find you - they would find the gift you gave them to bring Glory to your name. I know, you are giving me the gift to share my Faith and my story with them, with them in mind. That they might find comfort and hope in it, that they in turn can come to you and that they would trust you with their lives. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray - AMEN

Your sister in Christ - always

Saturday, 21 April 2012 all my fears to Him!!!

Okay - yes, it's true, I do still have fears - not very many anymore, but still..... - sometimes it's not a reasonable fear anymore, but only one that has been built by habit..... - this morning I was sort of gripped by the fear of failure.......yet I realised, that's the old me - this fear has no true substance anymore. God has proven far too many times, that He is closely involved in my life and the lives of my loved ones - He has proven many many times, that He truly has my back.

So this morning, when I prepared breakfast for my kids and my son's friend, who had been here for a sleepover - I had to face this fear head prayer I lifted it to my Daddy in Heaven.....and I felt a Peace flood my soul that knows no boundaries anymore. All my fear regarding this one situation had been lifted, and all I could sense was trust. So I thank God for my trust, and I thank God for my Hope, thank Him for my Faith and all the good gifts He has given me.

For a moment there were tears - tears of loss, tears of impending doom - yet He took it all away - literally in an instant!!! Once again He has set me free to fly - has saved me from myself - has filled my heart with His love. He continually changes the way I perceive life - changing me from Glory to Glory. I absolutely love Him. He is my Saviour and He has redeemed my soul. 

Forever grateful in Christ

Friday, 20 April 2012

I am thrilled to see my purpose unfold....

Life has been extremely challenging over the last years - if not to say for the last decade of my life, but when I look at my life today, I would be tempted to say, that the last decade was probably the most blessed - as it has brought me to a point in my life, where I don't want to be anywhere else. My circumstances have not changed a great deal, but I have changed - or maybe I should better say: God has changed me......He has helped me embrace my struggles and look at my life with open eyes - to become completely honest with myself, not blaming my situation on others anymore, to forgive myself for the choices I have made over the years, that brought struggles and challenges my way, and to ask God for His forgiveness regarding the choices, my weaknesses. The whole bit. The more honest I was with Him, the more I placed my shortcomings and iniquities at His feet, the more He set me free. 

Looking back at the challenges with my son and my family, I can say wholeheartedly, that they caused me to grow up, look at my life and admit my failures and let Him cleanse my heart and rescue my soul. So in hindsight, I have to blatantly say, that my struggles and challenges were my greatest blessings - they made me turn around to God and let Him bind up the wounds and hurts, that life had thrown at me.  In turn today I find my life more exciting than ever before, I know that I won't ever have to worry about not being capable of doing something, because as it stands today, I never could do things on my own to begin with, but with Christ all things are possible - therefore I step out in faith, knowing that God would never send me anywhere, where His Grace would not be sufficient for me - and where His strength wouldn't suffice to handle what came my way. Today I can say and truly mean it: Where ever my Father sends me, I will go - trusting His guidance with my whole heart.

You know, the verse Proverbs 3:5-6 has become paramount in my life.....I am glad, that today I don't need to understand His ways anymore, I trust Him to make my paths straight with all my heart.....and I am utterly grateful for that - for this growth, I give the Glory to God, cause He has filled me with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit has taught me to trust completely - in my own strength I could have not arrived at the point I am at today.

I have no idea, what the future holds - but I know, God has my back and He's there already. He holds me and my family in the palm of His hand.....and He will lead us home!!!

My heart is so full of Joy and Peace, that, if I had to do it all again - I would gladly endure all the hardship again, because I know, God never wastes an ounce of pain, and He can use everything for the Good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 is absolutely true, when I look back on my life - all the choices, all the suffering, all the struggles and challenges, He has definitely turned it around, to work together for my good today. What a blessing that represents to me - I can hardly describe it. 

Praying for you and hoping that when you look back onto your life, that you will be able to say the same thing..... - God is good All the Time!!! 

Your sister in Christ

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Heaven on Earth

From the unfolding of the happenings of the last view days, I have yet been catapulted to a deeper level of understanding - by the Grace of God!!! I have learnt, that the drama of my family is not my drama...... God has granted me my prayer that I wanted to be lifted out of the negativity that this whole drama represents. I will listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, but unless I hear/feel these, I won't do anything. I will hear and listen to either side, but I won't be stuck in the middle anymore. I can love them all unconditionally, I can offer advice should they ask for it - yet I do not have to fix it for them. They can handle it on their own - All I have to do, is trust that in His time, God makes all things beautiful.

He is working in the lives of all His Children individually - and even if I wish I could make them see, what I see, it's up to each and everyone individually, to choose the light over darkness. He will never give up on either of His children, but He gave us a free will, with which He won't interfere. Until judgement day upon Christ coming back for us, there is still Hope. In His time He will make all things beautiful. There is a deeper reason why there are no grandchildren of God - only children of God. The choice is ours - we each will have to live with the consequences of not heeding His voice (that we all hear at times - even if it's just a whisper), which results in absence of the Glory of God in our lives. 

I personally cannot and will not live like that anymore. Therefore I have pledged my allegiance to the Lord until the end of time - as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord :) - it's as simple as that - or as difficult as that.

Don't get me wrong, it's a daily battle for me, too - the enemy of my soul schemes up a storm, to deceive me or pull me out of this beautiful dwelling place of Grace - Heaven on Earth - yet my sweet Jesus isn't going to let that happen. He fights the battles in the Heavenlies for me. All I have to do is stand firm in His promises and His Grace - and all is well with my soul. God will always provide a way out of any temptation the devil will throw at me - provided I fix my eyes on Jesus. God first and foremost - that's my calling, nothing out of my own strength anymore. That's when we can receive God's blessings and live the abundant life He promises in His word!!! Hallelujah - Praise God!!!

He is doing miracles today - He will do one for you, if you only believe.

Your sister in Christ

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

He is doing marvellous things......

I am absolutely amazed at what He is doing in my life - so many answered prayers and feeling His touch in all that I do. Wow - I am literally speechless!!! I can attribute it all to my obedience to His guidance, that He always comes first. When I read my Bible and/or devotionals, I can be sure, we communicate on a deeper level.

I don't know, if I ever shared with you, that when my son was being assessed by a psychologist in 2010 the diagnosis was not clear.....the psychologist found certain behavioural deficiencies that could be attributed to a slight ADHD, or Aspergers or anywhere else on the ODD and autistic spectrum.... - just this week an autistic boy in my hometown was missing...... - thankfully He has been found and is home safe and sound - Praising God for that. But it made me realise that this could be my reality, an autistic boy that runs away, hiding from people....needing drugs on a permanent basis. But thankfully, due to the hand of God in my son's life, this is not our reality. Due to God placing many godly people in our lives, men (elders at our church) praying and taking a step to reach out - into my son's life. The school playing a big role in this as well, being a school after God's own heart, where every student matters, my boy has made huge steps into being more receptive to his environment and the people in his reach, being more and more in charge of his emotions and making positive choices. I believe God has been and is working a miracle in his life this very minute. 

Thank you Daddy, my Father in Heaven, how could I have ever doubted you. You brought me full circle - first you taught me to come to you in all you are teaching me to obey you in all things, to rely fully on you in all decisions regarding my life.....and as I am being more and more obedient to you,  you're blessing me with such a deep and heartfelt peace and joy regarding my son - and my life for that matter. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I cannot express my gratitude often and deeply enough. I am thrilled to see his life unfold to the potential you see in him. He is your chosen son, you created him in my womb, creating him in your image, having his purpose already planned out....You knew he would be a great warrior for your kingdom. I can see this potential today, thanks to you opening my eyes. I will be cheering for him from the sidelines. I am in awe at the great provision you hold in your hands. Our destiny truly is safe in your hands.

Wow, I am just sooo overwhelmed and all I can say to you my friends, is: hang in there, it will get better (if your situation is tough right now) - trust, trust, trust in the One, who holds your destiny safe in His hands. He will never ever leave nor forsake you. He is God Almighty. This one thing is true: ALL we ever need in this world, is His Grace. Praying that you will grasp the meaning of the Grace, Jesus has extended to us on the cross - how huge and amazing this will set you free. Amazing Grace for all His children - forever more.

I love you all and I am praying for you always - 

your sister in Christ

Monday, 16 April 2012

It's still not over.....

It's breaking my heart to hear my family talk......everybody is hurt. There seems to be no way to ever find reconciliation. But I still believe.....I will never quit believing that God will make a way, where there seems to be no way!!!

When I gaze at all the misery in the world - speaking of poverty, crime, hunger, hurt, anger, truly is a sad place to be - this world today is a dark place.....we're in desperate need of a Saviour - today more than ever before.....or maybe not.....maybe in all times the need was as big as it is today. What grieves my heart, is that He is there, Jesus came to save this world, but the world refuses to see Him, to turn to Him. Why???? It would be so easy - John the baptist preached: Repent and seek forgiveness of your sins - two steps, that bring salvation. Nothing too big really, but in this day and age it seems to be the hardest to do - people fight for justice, never ever realising, that we can only play law and order or court - as we play dress up or family as little children, as the judgement ultimately is God's not ours. Today we're so caught up in entitlement and what we can do or can't do - where we can't forgive or can forgive.... - these are the lies of the enemy of our soul, who wants us to live in bondage and without God.....

The reality is that we ought to forgive as through Christ we have been forgiven - we were made righteous through the blood of Christ, that we could boldly stand in the presence of God - could have a personal relationship with God Himself. Once we receive this precious gift, we can rejoice despite our circumstances, because we are set free - why is it then, that it is so difficult for this world to see the truth - why is it easier to deny that Jesus has come to save us - that He is Lord??? Why do people choose to live a life of pain, destruction, hatred, pain, prejudice, judgement and deceit......I have no plausible explanation. All I know is, that my fervent prayer tonight is, that hearts all over the world would be opened to the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ and that they would find His Peace and Joy in receiving His Love and Forgiveness once and for all.

I am thrilled at the thought of being created in His image - His masterpiece, knit together to fulfil His purpose, the purpose He planned for us to do before the beginning of time - I hope you see this amazing truth and light despite or because of your circumstances - that all mankind would choose to see this truth.....anything else will only lead to death - whereas life eternal is only two steps away.....I urge you tonight, please please please take your sins to God, openly admit them and ask Him to forgive you for any sin you have committed, the hurt and pain you may have inflicted on those in your sphere of influence knowingly or unknowingly. Forgiveness is granted to all who ask - that's a promise we can lean on. Why don't we? Is it pride or fear or maybe both??? I am praying for you all - Christians and nonbelievers alike: God wants to have a relationship with you - He wants to be your closest friend. Trust Him with your life, and He will reward you with eternity with Him in Heaven!!!

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray yesterday, today and tomorrow for the world to finally accept the Grace and Forgiveness that is ours....if we only asked.

Your friend and sister in Christ forever

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What a Joy I have in Jesus

I hope you had a wonderful Easter - Christ is Risen indeed!!! Hallelujah!!! God is good!!! What an amazing 4 days we had.....Today my parents left for Europe again..... - when I took them to the airport,  my heart was heavy - they do get older and it breaks my heart, to see them leave. 

My heart has been softened towards them over the years - grateful to God for that, as He has taught me to look through the eyes of Grace. I love them dearly, and I am amazed, how things have changed over the last little while - again, I can only say: Thank you Jesus, as He has shifted my understanding of what it really means to honour your parents. - Today I love them with a tender heart and I can give them the honour and respect due, because I do not have to fight for justice regarding old hurts anymore.....

Jesus taught me to forgive many many years ago. And He has transformed me greatly again just recently - I do not even have to be right anymore - and that's not saying, that I let them walk all over me - actually quite the contrary is true: I can say what I need to say, or what the Holy Spirit is prompting me to say, without yelling or accusing, but I can also say nothing, if it's not helpful, inspiring, necessary or kind. The change is happening, through living in the Spirit more and more. The fruit of the Spirit (Love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control) becoming more and more visible in my life - with my children, my parents and all other people in my life. God is just an amazing Father and friend. He has taught me to open my eyes and my ears to the needs of the people around me. 

All I ever hoped to be true in life, that there is a deeper meaning to our existence than to live and die, is true for me today. I know, that I have a purpose much bigger than I could ever fathom. I don't know, where He is leading me just yet, but I know, that it's going to be something that I will have to trust God to do through me, for I wouldn't be able to do it, if I had to do it in my own strength. Already today my life has been altered in a huge way - I am walking by faith today and lean not on my own understanding - that's pretty amazing in itself, as I used to have to have my life nicely planned out ahead of me for the longest time, even if my plans fell apart after a little I am not even making plans anymore, cause so far, God has brought me, where I am today and it's an awesome place to be. Therefore I can follow the lead of Jesus wholeheartedly, to where He wants me to be and to do what He prepared for me to do before I was even created.

A thankful heart is heading to bed now - hoping and believing that God speaks to you and lifts you out of despair and hopelessness, into a life beyond your wildest dreams - deeply rooted in Him. Safe and secure in Christ.

God bless you all this Easter Monday - 
your sister in Christ

Friday, 6 April 2012

Amazing Grace......

Amazing Grace, amazing Love - shown to mankind the day Christ was crucified.....He bore the sins of all mankind on the cross, He died to live in Heaven - at the right hand side of the Father..... - that we may enter into an intimate relationship with the Father and may have eternal life. We on the other hand, in our sinful nature live to die..... - if it wasn't for Jesus, we would all spend eternity in the absence of God - what a dire place to be..... - I urge you today, take your sins to God, confess them to Him, and receive the forgiveness He promises in His word, that is yours immediately upon repentance, that you might live!!!

I am forever grateful, that He chose to give His life for me.....that I am set free and that I one day will see Jesus face to face - my eternal bridegroom. What an amazing day that will be. Glory and Honour to God for His marvellous plan from the beginning of time, that even before the fall in the garden of Eden He provisioned that despite our failures we would be saved and restored to the love and into the presence of God Almighty.

Even His Disciples, His closest circle, while He walked the earth, denied and failed Him the night of the betrayal, but He provisioned their rescue and gave them the command to be fishers of men and to carry the good news to the ends of the earth - appointed them teachers and leaders of the church. It must have hurt him, that no one stood up for Him in His hardest hour, that even God deserted Him - He knew it before, since it was the fulfilment of the prophesies regarding His death - yet with a joyful heart, He stretched out His hands and gave up His Spirit for us all. What an amazing gift of Love......

Praying that we all will be transformed into His Likeness and one day be able to run into His loving arms and to thank Him for His unconditional love!!! And that upon entering through the gates of Heaven, our Father would say: well done, my good and faithful servant. With you I am well pleased.

On this note, I wish you all a day of reflection, what Christ did for you personally on the cross - and I hope, that come Sunday, you will embrace and receive the Power of the resurrected Christ in your life. He died that you may have life in Him and that you may have it to the fullest.

Praise God - In Jesus' name 

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

In Christ I matter what!!!

Hello my sweet friends, the last two days were interesting to say the least. The enemy of my soul truly never sleeps and He so tries to defeat me.....but I am not afraid anymore - I know today, that 

a) I can trust Jesus, that He will not let my enemies triumph over me - He will bring justice to those 
    who persecute me.
b) the anointing is real.
c) He who is in me is stronger than He who is in the world. 

It's just amazing, what He is doing in my life - just a little over a year ago, my mother was in ICU with a ruptured colon - God saw me through this, with a peace, that all was well with my soul. My mom is alive today and getting stronger everyday. Praise God for His Faithfulness.

Since almost 3 years there have been struggles and challenges - persecution, criticism, difficulties galore - yet He's seen me through the worst storms and either He has calmed the storm or He as steered me through the eye of the storm - carrying me when the tide was threatening to drown me. 

Through it all - even since I took my first breath, He has been there and I love Him so much - my faith has grown since I came here almost 3 years ago......amazing!!! One of my dearest friends (a pillar of wisdom and faith - so grateful for you my friend) has been my confidante in all these situations, and has seen me almost crumble, but has stood by me and been Christ to me on many occasions - been my sounding board.... - today I stand firm in Christ. He alone has rescued me, and cleansed me from my sin...!!! Forever grateful for all He has done for me in the past, that He does for me today and all He is yet to do in the future!!! Jesus is Lord and I trust His guidance in my life - and even if I sometimes don't understand, why He is doing what He is doing or why He is asking me to do, what He's asking me to do - all I know is, that I trust Him completely and that I know, He has a plan for me - a plan to prosper me, not to harm me, a plan to give me a hope and a future.

Through Him, I have been given the most amazing gift - the gift of the ultimate love, agape love - the love He lavishes over me and the love I can now freely give to everyone I encounter - my life has become more and more fulfilled and meaningful - with a purpose......even if I have no clue, where this is leading me in the end - I certainly am enjoying the ride tremendously!!! 

Praying for all mankind to find their purpose in Him and through Him - I know, He will never quit until the work He began in us, is completed. Praising Him for His faithful love!!!

In Christ alone I stand!!!