Thursday, 29 March 2012


.....Trusting, trusting, trusting.......the Only One, who holds the key to eternity and who has defeated the enemy.....even if things fall apart for a moment. The battle truly is raging - the last few days were kinda easy with my parents, but since yesterday evening, there has been more negativity and criticism from them again.....and it drives me insane (figure of speech!!!) - I know, that the enemy is scared out of His wits, but to have to deal with this, when things in my life finally turn around for the much much better....isn't easy!!

My son picks up on these undertones very easily, and it unsettles him. I am looking forward to when all is said and done in this situation, and peace can come back into this family - praying for peace and love to reign between us.....Love can only happen, where there is forgiveness.....please pray my friends, we can use all the prayer we can get!!!

It's incredibly annoying, that this negativity and criticism infiltrates my little cell - I don't think I can take this much longer.....but I am standing firm in His promises - I will not be bought nor compromised. I will stand in the Strength provided by Christ to the one who believes. With Him, all things are possible!!!  A reversal of destiny is what we need - He is the only one, who can do it. I am praying for a miracle, where ALL my family members choose to see through the eyes of Grace and extend Mercy and Forgiveness to each other.

See, there is never a dull moment in life - I must admit, that I don't need this kind - I am praying, that God would have Mercy on me and my children, and lift us out of this darkness, that surrounds us.

Do you notice, how in this post the light is dimmed (referring to the light of my computer screen.....obviously you can't see this, but I thought I mention it to you) - that's what the spirit of the world tries to do to the children of God - and I hate it with compassion - but I have a hope that is much larger than the threats of the enemy, and that is, that He who lives in me is stronger than He who lives in the world. In Christ we have victory - He has defeated the enemy of our soul, He holds the key to Hell - despite our circumstances. 

This is what I choose to believe and to carry forward into the lives of my children, and the generations to come after them. I will not continue the downward spiral that seems to come so easily to the world around me - yet I am blessed, to have many wonderful people in my life, that are swimming against the flow of the river......those are the people I have to choose to surround myself with, as the others just don't leave me room to sad!!!

I will always love my family - and I will never loose hope that they will find the light that is in Christ.....but I might just have to learn to be patient in this regard - In His time, He makes all things beautiful - and that includes all mankind!!! It breaks my heart - but I believe I did what I can do, and what God called me to do. All the rest is between them and God.

I almost forgot: Yesterday, in my studies - I am doing a volunteer training, which involves a bible study called 'Forgiven and Set Free' - as I was doing the questions, I had to look up certain passages in scripture - and there in His word, He gave me a big huge promise, which I might share at a later date (right now it's just for me - I hope you understand) - and I hang onto this.....I have to work diligently at not loosing heart, but mostly not to forget the promises He gives me in our quiet time!!!

He is Faithful until the end of our days - I rejoice in His Faithfulness and praise Him for His Goodness despite the war that rages all around!!!

In Christ forever more

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Amazed at His Love....

How have you been my friends, how are you doing day has been long but amazing in many aspects - difficult in others....

First I want to share with you something that brings great Joy to my heart.....My son is doing so well, in class, at home and in his social language group - praising God for the changes, He brings about in me and my little family cell - He is faithful at all times. Here is the announcement: My son will be transitioning back into his regular class starting Monday - I was  in tears this morning, when the principal and dear friend in Christ talked to me this morning, and asked, if I was okay with this.....I sure am - we've come a long way in the last 6 months. God is simply amazing. We're moving the classroom from my church to the church next door to the school and he will have recesses with his friends. There has been so much growth in him, and I know, it's from the work God has done in him - and in me for that matter!!! Through obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in my life, I believe we now receive tremendous blessings. I am so happy and so grateful. Praising Him eternally.

The next thing is, that I would ask you to pray for my original family, as the situation mentioned earlier in my blog is not settled - and even though I personally am at peace about it - being given rest in my Father's arms.....being told, to be still and know, that He is God - Praise Him for that!!! - I know, that the battle still is raging in the Heavenlies - as the enemy won't let go without a fight.......yet I choose to trust - obey - the One who holds our destinies safe in His hand, and I choose to see this situation through the eyes of God.....being more and more able to discern, if someone is motivated by the voice of light or by the voice darkness at any given time. Working with the passage of Scripture in 1. Corinthians 12:1-11 this week - I guess, that that is considered a spiritual gift, the Holy Spirit gives. I am overwhelmed and so grateful for the developments of the last year and more.....I have been blessed indeed. God has taught me so much....and I do not want to take any credit for it.... - all good things are gifts from God :)

Trusting, trusting, trusting.......the Only One, who holds the key to eternity and who has defeated the enemy. 

Good Night my sweet friends - I love you so much and I pray for you tonight :)

In Christ always

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Discipline of a loving Father

Hello my dear friends, you will not believe this, but since I returned the pair of shoes the other day, I took all things to Him, to give His blessing to all things that I have been planning.....I know, He wants to be involved in all aspects of my life.....and I have to give Him access to all. Since I want to do ALL that He requires, the next step was clear: asking Him, what He wanted me to do and what He wanted me to stop and how He wants me to go through life. I will be sharing some of His demands or blessing for me.....

1. I asked, I had to ask, if He wanted me to continue with my Training as a Biosynthesis Therapist - if I was to travel to LA in April or not.....His answer was Yes!!! So I will go to Santa Barbara - and enjoy the time away :) - I knew He wanted me to be a Therapist, but I just had to submit this area as make sure, that He wanted me to continue in this format. Or if He had other ideas.....for he anoints and appoints....and I want to be in His will ALL THE TIME!!! Just for your information: I would have quit my course, as the price is too high.....for blessings only come through this line of work, if I do it in His strength and not in mine.

2. If I was to travel in June 2013 with some of my beautiful christian friends to spend a week at the beach..... - Here the answer was: No, I want you to focus on your family and your studies - as a little thought on the side, He told me that He wants my studies to be a Therapist do be done within the next  3 years.

3. I asked if I should  go to Nashville this summer - to a weekend with Amy Grant (my inspiration for almost 26 years).....with 2 sweet friends of mine - He said yes, this is my reward for faithfully working for Him. I love how personal our relationship has become - I can trust Him in all circumstances, He always answers me right away - sometimes that answer is: Be Still and know, that I am God - then I relax and count my blessings and wait until I get a prompting, to move forward/stay put/do something else.....ready to do what He asks me to do, when He asks me to do it......AWESOME!!!

In all situations I was willing to submit my will to His - your will, not mine be done - my love and my trust has grown exponentially in the last months, since I was up until my chin in the storm.....realizing now, that that was exactly why He allowed this struggle - He knew that I would come out at the other end stronger than before....because He was walking beside me through it - at the most tumultuous moments He even carried me, leaving just one set of footprints in the sand.....Thank you, Jesus :)

In Christ always

Monday, 26 March 2012

Giving up Control.....

Good Night friends - another late night.....but I just didn't want to retire, before I checked in with you and shared some stuff that Jesus revealed to me over the last few days.....:

As God is changing us from Glory to Glory - we start looking through the eyes of Jesus, and we see the circumstances for what they truly are - a test of our faith and a chance to grow up in Christ!!! It's as simple - and hard!! - as this.....God wants us to be mature members of His family - the more we withstand temptation, the more we obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the more we keep the secrets God reveals to us.......the more God will reveal Himself to us. We then have become mature members of His forever family.

That never means, that we know it we only know in part - and God is the only one, who knows everything - His thoughts are not our thoughts - and therefore: in this world we will have tribulations, but let's take heart, because Jesus has overcome the world. Whilst being on this earth, we will have to face trials, but when we surrender to His will and give up our control, we will be set free from our need to fix situations and from feeling responsible for situations in our sphere of influence.....we often think, that God needs us, to help His plan along.....and He does not!!!! The reason, why He involves us, is twofold:

1. When He uses insecure people like me (in the past I was very insecure.....- I had this big huge chip on my shoulder, and I never dared to stand up for what I believed was right..... - I needed the approval of the people around me like the air I breath) - everybody can see, that it's not me, that could have accomplished what is seen in me today..... - the Glory in its totality goes to God Himself - He has changed me inside out - I know, I am repeating myself, but certain things have to be repeated, to have them sink in more deeply into my conscience, so bear with me..... - today I am different because I know, that I can do all things through Christ, who lives in/through me :) => therefore I can be bold, I trust Jesus, to protect me from my adversaries, I can leave it to God, to judge those, who persecute me - I know, even if I feel uncomfortable in certain situations, all I ever have to do, is fix my eyes on Jesus and let Him guide me through these circumstances (knowing full well, that in my weakness, He is strong.)
2. He wants us to run to Him first, trust Him with all our hearts, and lean not on our own understanding....He wants to be invested in our little circumstances as well as in our big circumstances...He wants to be our closest friend.

Giving up control opens the floodgates of the blessings God has for us. It's hard, and it takes a lot of discipline from our Father - and when you think about yourself, disciplining your children, is often time the hardest to do, cause you hurt for must it hurt our Father in Heaven, when He has to discipline us - as His love for His children is not like ours - His love is perfect and unconditional, He loves us just because.....:) - nothing we can do or not do, will ever change His Love for us. 

Yet it's only through the flexing of our spiritual muscle, exercising it continually that we grow stronger.

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, consider it pure Joy, when you face trials of many kinds, cause when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. Let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed , you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. 

Let's hang on to that truth, my friends, as we're all pressing forward, deeper into the promises of God's word, and deeper into our personal relationship with our God, that He loves us so much, that yes, we can truly trust Him with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding.....for He has our best interest at  heart. He never leaves us, nor forsakes us, so please my friends, trust Him today and never let go of His hand. He is worth every step or leap of faith!!!

Good night my friends, praying tonight, that He might hold you through the night - weeping will only last for a moment and His Mercies are new every morning.... 

Rejoicing in His Love always - love ya'll

Saturday, 24 March 2012

God is a relational God indeed....

Here we go again - this is the second part of my revelation this morning....whilst being out for the walk with my doggie this morning, the Holy Spirit has shown me another vital truth:

Our relationships suffer greatly when we fall prey to the schemes of the enemy - when we start believing the lies of the world - such as that we're entitled to happiness, or this much money as child or spousal support, or we think, that the other person has to do this or that for us, because we have done this or that for them - WRONG ATTITUDE..... - the red light has to immediately go on in our hearts and minds - for, and this is the truth, there is no entitlement - we do not deserve anything from anybody at any given time - what ever we are given from the people in our lives, or through donations or institutions was a gift....either inspired through the voice of light in that particular moment to bless and free us from bondage or inspired from the voice of darkness, to hold us captive. All blessings are from God - working through the people around us - and when we accept them in the spirit of gratitude, we will be even more blessed.

Listening to the lies of the world, such as: in order to be happy, you need this car, this house or this spouse, this weight, this dress, or the possibility to travel, this approval from the people around you, compromises your relationships (family mainly - cause family is not by conscious choice, like we choose friendships)......and the bond of blood is stronger than water, but often more confrontational, cause we have spent all our life together, so we know the weaknesses and the faults, and siblings are jealous and ruthless, when it comes to gaining the approval of the parents or vice-versa, but we also share a bond of a past of joy and laughter, and we share our memories - good or bad, which creates a bond that is deeper than friendship - that frightens the enemy hugely - because as a family united in love we are a force the world can't shake....therefore the serpent's goal is, to thwart/sever our family bonds (it was like that in the Garden of Eden and it is like this today).

Through the development over the last month and a half, my life has been transformed tremendously once again - my best friend, Jesus that is, has drawn me yet closer, and has purified me to another level of Glory all over I am no longer afraid of the schemes of the enemy/the world, as I am safe in the arms of the One, who promised, that He would never leave me nor forsake me, the One, who promised, that He had a plan for me, a plan to prosper me and not to harm me - a plan to give me a hope and a future - the One who tells me, that He is rejoicing over me with singing, that He lives in me, and that I am His Masterpiece, created in His image - fearfully and wonderfully made in my mother's womb - I ask you, how much more wonderful does it need to get, before we finally let go of the things of this world - and I am not saying, that our lives are now reduced to living a life ruled by religious laws - leading a dull life......quite the contrary is true: My life has never been more exciting and promising - actually this is what Christ promises us, that in Him we have life and we have it to the fullest. 

There is such freedom in surrendering our life to Jesus - there is peace in obedience to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, there is Joy, in honouring our Father in Heaven - all of the sudden we are free of addictions (food, overspending, approval of our peers, computer games, alcohol...whatever you are struggling with, add it here...) and the real thing can happen.....relationships happen on a much deeper level, because we are free from addictions - not compelled by desires, which create an emptiness in our hearts - an emptiness that stays with us throughout our entire life, until we fill it with God.....all of the sudden there is Peace, Love flowing freely.....we change from self-centred to outward focused - we enter into meaningful relationships, where it's more about giving and loving the other, than getting.....that's when relationships can happen. Before it's just a counterfeit.....we need this person to give us self worth, to justify our existence....

My biggest present, that I received from my heavenly father - from the lover of my soul, is an amazing relationship with my children.....remember, I thought my son needed a God moment, to change his ways - WRONG AGAIN.... - it was me, who needed it.... Now, that I closed the door to the temptation of the world, I am able to relate to them in ever new ways.....I am calm and patient in our day to day struggles, like getting to school on time, getting my son to do his homework.... (I don't loose my temper - no more yelling....WOW, I can hardly believe it, but it's the truth). This is what God longs for with us - He wants to be our closest friend.....He is Love, and Love is patient, Love is kind, Love never boasts, Love is not jealous, never proud nor rude, it doesn't demand it's own way, Love is not irritable, Love does not keep a record of being wronged, Love doesn't rejoice about injustice , but rejoices, whenever the truth wins out, Love never gives up and never looses faith, and lastly, Love endures through every circumstance.....Wow, wow and again wow - it's amazing, how obeying the Holy Spirit consistently brings forth these qualities in us..... - Mind you, friends, I am still far from perfect, but with surrendering my will to the Will of the Father, I will be less and less likely to fall prey to temptation, in His word, God promises, that He will provide the strength to withstand the temptation - that's yet another one of His promises I can lean on. I am speechless (thankfully I can still write ;))

Okay here now the the last piece of the revelation.....remember, what Jesus said to the rich man, when he asked, what he had to do, in order to be his disciple? He told the man, that he had to let go of his biggest idol (his riches) - which He told His disciples, that it was easier for a camel to pass through the ear of a needle, than for a rich man to let go of his wealth - yet the seed was planted in the rich man....Jesus knew that the seed hat to take root and grow..... - this morning in my prayer time during my walk, I confessed that I had also made money an idol for many years - not hugely, but still.....there is no small sin or big sin - sin is sin.....and I was guilty of it!!! But as God grants us forgiveness, believing Jesus is the Son of God, and that He died for our sins, just for the asking - I asked, and I received His forgiveness and as a result I returned the shoes - my mind was still for a short little while trying to reason with me.....that I might never find such shoes at such an amazing price - even the sales lady said that.....but you know what, the price is too high, if I consider the Peace and the promise for the crown of life that I will receive at the end of the race set before me, when I persevere and do what I am asked to do, when I am asked to do it, that I have in Christ - I simply cannot afford them!!!!

Good night my friends - I love you tremendously and again I pray for you, that more often than not, you will choose to listen to the voice of light - and not give in to the voice of darkness.

In Christ - with eternal love

Friday, 23 March 2012

Darkness or Light - it's a choice!!!

Here is my post that I announced earlier today.....hope you are as excited to read it, as I am to write it :)

This morning, the Holy Spirit woke me up way before dawn, for He had something He wanted me to understand fully - so when I woke up, I prayed and read my devotions and my bible.....and through these, He showed me something very clear, and this is:

Darkness or Light, it's a choice - that's what the free will means, we have to consciously choose, to do what we know is right - and all things can either be God inspired (the narrow path) or the path of the enemy (the world's view).....from our sinful/carnal nature, which is our natural man, we might know, what is right, but due to desires we choose to do what is wrong, and then beat us up for it.....if we give in frequently, the downward spiral continues, but if we follow the lead of the Holy Spirit, and do what is right/honest and true we exercise our spiritual muscle and the next time temptation lurks around, and tries to convince us to do the wrong thing - mind you though, we can always justify our actions and make them look right in our eyes........but by their fruit you will recognize them....the fruit of the Holy Spirit are amongst others: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience and self control....if you don't possess any or many of these, but instead are feeling anxious, afraid, can be sure, that the enemy is having you good.

Anyway, this morning, as I went for my walk with my dog....and poured my heart out to God about the situation regarding my family, He made me realize, that all things under the sky, here on earth can be either motivated my the voice of Light, or the voice of darkness.....which one are you listening to??? For me this morning it was - to my own dismay a twofold answer: generally I listen to the voice of light, but in one area, the enemy had tricked me into believing the voice of darkness, masquerading as the voice of light. Yesterday I needed to buy a pair of shoes for my son, and I saw a very nice pair of high heels, at a bargain price, so without thinking much, I added them to my purchase - yet, when I got home, somehow I felt that doubt was creeping into my heart regarding an e-mail I had received earlier.... - the enemy had gotten in, through the hedge of protection, that God has put around me, due to me overspending.....for I really didn't need that extra pair of shoes - it may not be a big thing, but it's important, that even in the little things, we don't trip. We are made for so much more - and, if we keep tripping over the small things continuously, we will eventually trip over bigger things....and the serpent is very cunning in deceiving us, and then we will be cheated out of our true purpose and our eternal heritage. As for me and my house: I will not allow this!!!

My resolve was clear: I am not defined through the things I have, that money can buy, but I am defined by what God says about me - and that is, that I am His Masterpiece, that He delights over me with singing!!! Today I returned the shoes - because I will not just talk the talk, but walk the walk, and with this I can not allow the enemy of my soul to have a stronghold over me.....

The Peace that I received through this resolve and the action to pull through is worth far more, than what those shoes could have ever given me (even if I have to admit, that they did look good on me ;)) - I would have been a target for the enemy in the future - buying shoes in itself are not bad - but it's important, that we let God in in these decisions, too, and discern, which voice is it, we're listening to, and make sure to obey the voice of the light - if it's life eternal in Heaven we're seeking, that is.......but I know, that this is what I am seeking and I will not be had by the enemy of my soul ever again, and I hope you choose the light as well.

My prayer tonight is, that the voice of Light will be heard and obeyed more and more, and that the spiritual growth we obtain through acting upon it, will drown out the voice of the darkness once and for all. 

In Christ, your sister in the Lord

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

There is Victory in Jesus.....

This line of a verse, that we sang in church last Sunday has been resonating through my soul all day today......thankfully so, as things have turned very confrontational again - the never ending story between my parents and my brother - my heart breaks over all the threats, the nastiness , and the disunity in this matter. Why can't they see, that the enemy wants exactly this: a family turning against each other - because united we could represent a fortress that he cannot penetrate.....

Yet, there is still hope - I am continuously praying for God to come through for them - I still have faith for them - and I will until the end of my life.......for again, despite their harsh and very deceitful behaviour, I love them and I will stand in the gap for them - and plead for forgiveness of their sins - if they cannot do it themselves - and I mean both sides.....

I stand amazed at how life for me personally has changed since the last attack in February - which threw me in for a, I know, that I can stand tall in my faith and that I can neither be bought nor compromised. Because I live through the Grace of God, I cannot be threatened any more - the schemes of the enemy have lost their power over me.....for this I am forever grateful. I have obeyed His commands - He promises that He will never leave nor forsake me, neither will He let my enemies triumph over me, but send His angels to watch my every step. I am very blessed indeed.

There truly is Victory in Jesus - it can be seen in me!!! I hope that this testimony will give you hope in the trials that you are facing in your life today - I believe that this is the purpose of all of our lives, that through our testimonies, people going through similar situations will find hope and comfort - and if I reach one soul tonight, if through my story someone will find Jesus - will not loose hope, then it was all worth it.....

Lots and lots of love,
in Christ forever

Through the eyes of the Father....

Good Night my friends - actually I should be sleeping - REALLY, for it's late....but I have to share with you some amazing things, that God has been revealing to me......when we start seeing through the eyes of God, we can extend Grace and Forgiveness to all our fellow men.......ALL of them, yes I mean it: For when we see through God's eyes, He takes us out of the present circumstance, and helps us to look at those who hurt us from a distance. From that place, we can see the heart of those that hurt us, we can see their motivation - we see their hearts, and then we can see that truly the prayer Jesus prayed on the cross: Father forgive them, for they know not, what they do - is as true today as it was then - for they REALLY do not know what they do - they're just so caught up in their own personal life, with all the hurts that were inflicted upon them, that all they're doing, is trying to survive and somehow find their way home into the loving arms of our Heavenly Father....... - even if they really hurt the people around them deeply - most of the time, the ones that have brought about the most hurt in others, are the ones that are hurting the most. We can only see, what is true for us - but the whole truth is always more complex. It needs God, to remove the debris around our eyes, the famous plank in our eyes, to see the other person for who he is in the eyes of God - when we see that, we will not criticize and judge, but understand and see things the way God sees us, then we can extend Grace and Forgiveness....

When I went on the Cruise (a christian cruise organized by Karen Kingsbury) I had an agenda, I prayed, that my son would have a personal encounter with God - that Anthem Lights (young musicians on fire for Christ) would speak to his heart...., that he would change his sometimes very aggressive ways - we booked a dolphin encounter, not only because they're so cute, and that's the thing to do, but because they have a way to snatch us out from our autistic ways (we're all autistic in some ways - as we all have hurts, that make us unable to communicate with the people around us) so I had great hope on many levels......On the way to the dolphin encounter, I journaled a little, and God made it clear to me, that I needed this encounter at least as much as my son - if not even more, cause there were hurts that I needed healing from. And I had my God Moment in Mexico, the week following the cruise, that helped me see my son with different eyes....... - very often, what we see in others, is really reflection of us.....and things that draw us to a person are characteristics that we possess ourselves, that we appreciate - when we criticize and judge others for certain behaviours, then more often than not, they are characteristics that we possess - but they are the ones we don't like....

My best friend Jesus has made me see, that it's not so much the people around me, that do things to hurt me, but my personal perception of their actions. This helped me, to adapt my view.......more and more I can see the people around me in a different light...... - it's fixing my eyes on Jesus at all times, that trains me to see with His eyes. He moulds us into His Likeness from Glory to Glory.......and when we want to see Jesus face to face one day, we have to share his view - let him ever so lovingly purify us, that all our ego is drawn out with all the sinful desires.....and let him shine through us to do the work he has planned for us to do -  he has given us our individuality to fulfil our personal purpose in this world. Let us be His hands, feet, voice and eyes, and become fishers of men.....not by hitting RELIGION over the heads of the people in our sphere of influence, but to live as Christ lived, when He walked the earth....that people will be drawn to Him, because they see Him, His Love, His Grace and His Forgiveness in us.

In Christ always - heading to bed now for's way past my bed time ;)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Beach - the retreat for my soul....

After the beautiful cruise, we continued our journey to Cancun, Mexico - it was pure Heaven!!! The beach always does that to me.....there is something so relaxing in the mixture of waves rolling to the beach - a true heavenly sound - the ocean and the blue sky and the sunshine, or should I say Sonshine...??? I feel so much closer to God, when I take these treasures in. Even the stars above a moonlit beach - ever so peaceful. These are the treasures our God pours out so lavishly upon believer and unbeliever alike - this shows you His eternal Grace and's not by our works that we are saved or these gifts are given to us - it's because of who He is.

The days in Mexico went by way too fast....., but not without giving our souls some rest and new energy. My friend Jesus was with us even there.....and again I gained a deeper insight in His Ways, who are not our ways!!! He showed me that it's never the other people that attack us - it truly is the evil forces in the heavenly realms, People let these evil forces rule them in moments of despair or when feeling threatened or because of any other inequity.......that is why we have to make sure that our best friend is Jesus, cause in Him we have VICTORY!!! In one of the instances regarding my son - another mom attacked him and called him names - I had to step in an defend him - I learnt, that I am not afraid of the schemes of the enemy any more - He who is in me is stronger than he who is in the world!!! It's always in the fruit that you see the origin of which side they're on (in that particular moment) - for even this mom loves the people in her sphere of influence - and when we are in love, we are in God and He is in's when we're judgemental and mean, then we're ruled by the other side.

It's quite amazing, how all we do has an impact in the spiritual realm - He has been showing this to me now for some time.....and I pledge, to aways look to Him for strength and wisdom, rather than trying to fix things or take matters in my own hands, as I can not always see the impact my actions have in the spiritual realm, but Jesus does and He keeps me safe.

I am grateful for the days at the beach and for the restoration our souls while being away - now I pray that we will be able to contain this peace and restoration for some time and not be stripped of it within minutes - mind you coming back to the life of daily chores and routines is a real challenge for me. Please Jesus, be with me and help me through this!!!

Praying He will be your best friend, too.
Love and Peace to you always

What an amazing Trip :)

Wow - our trip has been amazing indeed - in case you were wondering, where I had disappeared to: My kids and I went on this amazing Cruise with my favourite author, Karen Kingsbury (her books have had a huge impact on my relationship with Christ today) I dare say, had it not been for her books.....ever so subtly teaching me to trust in this inner voice.......that this was of God, I may not be where I am today. And I can tell you that this is absolutely, where I want to be!!!

Jesus has been my closest friend for quite sometime now, but I might not ever have believed it, had I not been reading Karen's books for almost 9 years now. Thank you so much again, Karen Kingsbury, for your amazing talent, to awaken our hearts to God's subtle whisper.

The Cruise was amazing - the women I had become Facebook friends with about a year ago, have helped me through prayer through some of my hardest moments in my life - they are ever so willing to pray for me, and to lift me up, when I need it the most. Thank you my sweet sisters, and brothers in Christ, I love you so much!!! It was absolutely amazing, to be surrounded by these wonderful women and men for almost a week - I could absolutely become addicted to such loving and accepting environment. Truly a place to recharge your energies - praising God together, loving each other!!! Yet, all good things have to come to an end........ - but at least we made friends for a lifetime!!!

A few highlights along the way were our encounter with the dolphins in Blue Lagoon, Nassau, Bahamas - what a joy - these animals truly are amazing and so gentle!!! The meeting with my friend from many years ago in Nassau, how wonderful to walk down memory lane with her - who would have guessed 16 years ago, that we would sit at her pool and watch our children swim together......simply amazing!!! It felt as if we had seen each other just last week, not almost 16 years ago. Not to forget parasailing in Key West - I could have stayed up there all day.....enjoying the bird's view and the peace up there in Heaven!!! Great memories made with my cruising buddies....

Throughout the entire trip, many many moments of gratitude for all that I had the privilege to experience and see - God's Creation is just so awesome and ever new and refreshing. I felt His touch everywhere. And I can tell you, that He has a plan for each one of us, to take Centre Stage for His His Masterpiece!!! It's true indeed.

We had some  very close moments, my friend Jesus and I - where I poured out my heart to him, either in deep gratitude or in a heart to heart conversation, where I asked Him, to reveal answers regarding my personal life - His question then always is: do you trust me with all you heart and all your life..... - it is then, that I realize, that whatever the issue or challenge might be, that I have again not completely surrendered all aspects of my life to Him, or trusted whole heartedly regarding this matter - yet He alone is capable of seeing me through and leading me home........over and over again, that's the lifeline - I believe, that is what our life is all take all our challenges to him, all our hurts, and let Jesus heal us and make us whole inside out. 

The world is bound to hurt us, to judge us and to take us apart - yet Jesus came to not only save us from our sins, and to reconcile us to God, that we could boldly come into His Presence, but to heal our wounds and establish us back to what we were created to be in the first place - His Masterpiece, to live out the destiny He has planned for us. The only thing we have to do, is to be honest to the core and not hold back, to open our hearts, to let Him in completely. 

Then we can be sure, that He will slowly and gently complete the work He has begun in us, from Glory to Glory - from the beginning of time!!! This trip has yet brought me closer to the love of my life - the lover of my soul!!!

He is simply amazing!!!
Your sister in Christ - Always