Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Old Wounds

My Father, who is in Heaven is at work in me permanently, to shape me into His likeness and the Person He created me to be - it's amazing, but He really never quits.

In our walk with the Lord, the thing that is the most vital, is, that we're honest with our deepest fears, worries, concerns and that we never hide things from The One, who made us - with me that is, that I am a very impatient person, and that I can get really irritated, if I have to wait for what ever it may be - in my relationship with my kids, I tend to loose it often because of this condition.....then I feel extremely bad about what happened..........Sunday was a really bad day for that, so on the way to the Movie Theatre, I prayed for  my God to help me with this very irritated me and the easily arising anger in me, when I am faced with my kids, not listening to me........... - mind you, I am wearing a bunch too many hats right now, being a 24/7 single mom, the nanny, the chauffeur, the mediator in a family situation..... - so I guess I simply feel overwhelmed and exhausted at times (this doesn't mean, I am not taking the responsibility for my actions, it just means, that I would probably fare better with this issue, if I didn't have to wear all these many hats - but then again, I believe, God is in this, so He really wants me to learn something through my present situation...)  - so on the way to the movies (we saw 'Beauty and the Beast in 3D' with friends), I prayed, for my Daddy in Heaven, to let me know, why I was reacting this way..... - this is what He showed me: 

1. Due to my Grandmother dying when I was 5 years, which came unexpectedly, I was extremely sad, that I didn't even have a chance to say good bye. That actually made me very very angry deep down in my heart......that is, because I never let Jesus bind up this wound.....Anger often is the reaction that is easier to access - maybe because it was more acceptable in your family setting - or maybe it just surfaced more easily, because the sadness was just too painful.

2. He really wants me to control my temper - yet with His love at the center of my heart, I am given the how to do it......letting Him tend to my wounds, and through me opening my heart to His Grace and His Love, I am changed more and more each day into His likeness. So now, I am giving my old wounds to Him, and Trust that He will come through for me again and help me to gain Self Control through the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In His Power I thoroughly trust with all my life. Thankfully things at home with my son have eased up quite a bit again - Praise God for His Faithfulness. I enjoy seeing my boy, to really openly smile and not have such an earnest face all the time anymore - I am continuously lifting him (both my kids for that matter) up to the Throne of God Almighty - trusting Him, that He is in Control and that what He intended for Good for us, will find us eventually. 

Therefore, all my wounds, as I become aware of them - through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I bring them to the Cross, and leave them there! This is what He wants us to do: to give our burdens to Him - to experience true Peace, the Peace that surpasses all understanding.

I have it today - and I intend to keep it that way!!! Therefore, whenever He points me to a weakness in my character, I ask for deeper insight concerning this issue, and then, when He reveals the deeper issues around this weakness, I bring it to Him, to heal my heart of any pain, bitterness or insecurity that might lie at the root of the issue, and then walk in obedience to what He is calling me to do.....

These days, I don't have to wait a long time, until I hear that small voice.......praising my Holy Father for giving me this Gift of being able to discern His voice.....and for Him revealing Himself to me in such a wonderful way........and I am not saying that the road ahead will be easy, there will always be storms here on Earth.... - that's just the way life is down here, and it will always be like that, but when you know The One, who can calm the storms - hang onto Him and never let go of Him.

In Christ Jesus forever

Monday, 30 January 2012


Hello friends, just spent a big part @the Apple Store in the mall approx. 20 min/30 min away from home.... - to get all of our Apple Equipment connected and talking properly!!! With electronic equipment it's just the right thing to do: that you would take it to the place, where you bought it/take it to where it was created - isn't it funny, that when there is connection/communication problems between humans, the thought seldom crosses our minds, that we should do just that: take it to our Creator.....

......who literally is just a prayer away and who is waiting to help us navigate through life. In order to take a laptop, a phone and an iPod touch back to the Apple store is easy.....yet to pray about our family and friends or even our enemies, and ask God for help, already asks for a Christian mindset. 

Yet, if you think about it, it would make so much sense, because, who knows best to help you in any situation that concerns your life or your relationships, if not the one who made you - who created you the way you are. So friends, let's think solution oriented and take our concerns to the one who is concerned for our lives to the very smallest detail.

I know, it works for me.....All the time :)
Praise God

Friday, 27 January 2012


Hello friends, I just spent the most fun day with my sister in the mall.....we wanted to drive to the US, to go shopping....yet the weather made us change our plan, and stay in the area - we chose to go to the mall instead. I think God had orchestrated this very exquisitely: 

My kids and I are going on a Cruise in March (the Cruise is organized by my favourite Christian author, Karen Kingsbury), and there will be a formal dinner on the ship.....all the lovely women that will be going on the Cruise with me, have been talking about getting a special dress for this occasion..... - not me, I actually thought, no, I have a couple of nice dresses, that I can wear, I don't need one.......well: God thought differently.....

When my sister and I got to the mall, I said, let's just see if there is a nice dress, and if it's calling my name loud and clear.......first store we go in: one dress is prettier than the other.....so I go cruising the store, and actually just for the fun of it tried 4 of them on.......the first one (the one I ended up buying, just fit me to a tee).......I have never owned such a dress EVER!!! Would have never dared to wear one like this before!!! But God is changing me inside and out - I lost quite a bit of weight, and the dress simply looked stunning. My sister said, that I absolutely had to buy this, and that it would be the perfect dress for the Cruise and many other occasions to come......

This kind of dress so far I admired only on my sister-in-law - (she is much taller than me - and I always thought they're  not for me......) - well, I was wrong.

Can't wait to wear this dress......... - now I only need the Prince, no, I really don't!!! - I will wear it for Jesus.......the lover of my soul, who I know, will do marvellous things on this Cruise. No Idea what His plans are.....but I believe there is an agenda. One on the list is, that my friend Alma will say 'Yes', and join me on this trip of a lifetime!!! Praying praying praying for this with my whole heart. I love her dearly and I know, so does Jesus........I just feel, He wants her there with me and my kids.

So grateful for the amazing things, God is doing in my  life right now - and trusting Him, to see me through the harder stuff in life - enjoying and receiving His blessings along the way.

God bless you all!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

In His Time, He makes All Things Beaurtiful

It's Wednesday night - my kids are in bed.....both coughing though.... - definitely not easy to be a single mom!!! Sometimes feeling literally overwhelmed at all the different hats I am wearing these days.....not only am I Mom and Dad in one, right now I am wearing even more hats.....praying for the times to get easier, praying that  my nanny from Macau will get here asap. She is such a sweet soul, thankful, that I found her, if she could just get here yesterday ;)

Anyway, even in the waiting, I know, that there is wisdom in it.....I am not sure what it is, but i don't have to know - all I have to do, is trust, that His timing will be perfect. And trusting I do.

Interestingly enough, that's what I have learnt to do in all things since when I first wrote, that I have been set free to fly - Finally.....and I for nothing in this world would ever want any of my worries back. I know that all things work together for good, for those, who love Him and are called according to His purpose. There you go - this is all the assurance I need, to keep trusting and walking forward, no matter the circumstance I am in. In Ecclesiastes God promises us, that in His time, God will make all things beautiful - In His time, not in mine.....even though I might sometimes like it better in my timing....but He who is in charge of the How, truly knows best, so I won't try to meddle.

He knows best, and in matters of the miracles He's bringing to pass, all parties involved have to trust in His perfect timing.....and sometimes doubt hinders the miracle to happen faster. So, if your miracles are not happening as you were praying or hoping for - maybe you have to pray that God may show you, where you're still doubting, or where you might still be blinded and not able to see miracles unfolding today. Because they happen all around us.....keep believing in the things unseen, and when the time is right, be ready to receive your biggest blessings.......pray for your eyes to be opened to see His blessings (even if they're in disguise!!!)

My life is far from perfect and there will always be struggles along the way, but when I gaze into eternity, I can see, that in the end, ALL WILL BE WELL.....so it really isn't that important, if this and that happens now or later...... - and when your heart is anxious for nothing, your soul is at peace.....it's this peace that surpasses all understanding, that sets us free, to simply be in the flow of life, trusting and believing at all times and in all circumstances.

In Proverbs 3:5-6, He says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding - in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.... This verse has become one of my fav. verses over time, cause often times it's hard to understand God's ways.....but the promise, that He will make our paths straight, is enough for me, to simply hang on, and to trust His ways...... - knowing He knows better than I could ever know.....for He is not just looking at my little perspective, but He is seeing it all from afar - His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts......yet, He places glimpses of His treasure into our hearts, and most of all He places Eternity in our hearts, which means, that we will never be satisfied, until we are finally reunited with Him. Nothing in this world can ever quench our thirst for His unconditional love and acceptance.

The good news is, that we're all going to make it home eventually - for he never wastes an ounce of pain, no tear is ever shed in vain.....He's never going to quit until He's through, until we're all reunited with our Creator. Until we find rest in the arms of our loving Father, who is in Heaven. And All we Ever have to be, is what He made us. 

Praising God for His promise of eternal life in Him, and that we're invited to come into His presence, clothed in Holiness and Righteousness, simply by believing, that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that He died on the Cross for our sins, that we could be redeemed into an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Praise God

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

With Him I have so much fun :)

Okay, here we go again - it's been a few days......I have been away (in California for my course in Biosynthesis) - it's been a true blessing, to have the chance, to spend a few days in the sun, with some amazing women, who are becoming such wonderful friends -  we're studying together - and the course is just awesome!!!

Since I have given all my cares to Christ, and was given the gift of complete Trust in Him alone, I am having such great fun at simply living. I am daring to be authentic and real.....and with that, I am always on a mission - the mission God gave me: to be the one He created me to be and in this to bless those I encounter. All that I do, is a divine appointment and He comes along, where ever I go......what a blessing. I am ever so happy.

I am learning, that God truly wants ALL HIS CHILDREN, to enjoy His Creation - that's who and what He created it for.....to share it with all His children. Praying that you would be able to find hope and peace in what I am writing here.....that's what He wanted Adam and Eve to have, when He told them, not to eat the apple......that's what Eden is made off: Great Fun dwelling with God Himself - Never ending Love, Peace, Joy. What a great promise: When we Trust and Obey His Will - follow His Purpose, we will indeed experience Heaven on Earth. Just Because a lot of people are actually experiencing Hell on Earth today, doesn't mean Heaven on Earth can't be had.

"Thank you, my wonderful Daddy and most amazing friend, for the life I have so abundantly in  You now - thank you thank you thank you."

My course is yet another wonderful encounter with Jesus - In Jesus, we have knowledge and wisdom at our fingertips. With Him as our guide through any type of psychotherapy, we can help the people, who cry out for help. Letting His wisdom flow through us, we can be Jesus to those, that come to us, to be freed out of bondage.....I cannot wait to start working as a Biosynthesis Therapist. I am very excited, to see, where God will lead me with this. All I know is, that life hasn't been this exciting EVER..... - I am forever grateful and I am standing in awe, that all I ever dreamt, what life could be, is true today.

I am day by day spreading my wings a little more.....trusting in my friend Jesus, to be right by my side and to guide my every step. He is such a faithful friend to me - Hallelujah - Praise God!!!

Praying for you all, that you may find fullness in Christ and that He would be your best friend as well.

Your sister in Christ

Monday, 16 January 2012

In Love with Jesus

Good night my friends, I should actually be in bed already....but I am just too wired to sleep yet, so I thought, what is the best way to spend these last moments of the day - and then you came to mind......I hope you are all well....and that your relationship with Christ is thriving (how ever that might look, whatever that might mean).

Today I retweeted a tweet I read on twitter - here it is:

I am absolutely, definitely, positively, unquestionably, no strings attached, beyond any doubt, unconditionally, in love with you JESUS

And that just sums it up ever so wonderfully. Yes, I am in love with Him - what a great friend I found in Him - the one I hang out with continuously lately - all that I ever dreamt of, does indeed exist.

When I look back over my not so young life.....I realize, that yes, I it wasn't easy, but He has been with me ALL THE TIME - and all the things that I had to endure made me into who I am today. Forever grateful, that the Lover of my soul has chosen to purify me over all this time.....and that He has opened my eyes, to His tremendous blessings......I would not want to redo anything - there have been mistakes along the way, stubbornness and rebellion, not having enough patience to wait for Him to come through.....but that's the stuff I am made off, and He knew to mold me despite or because of my initial make up  - into the real authentic me. 

There was sickness, there was hurt, there was loneliness, there was hatred, there was love, there was grief, there was hope there was devastation, there was laughter and there were tears, there was betrayal, there was trust, there was war, there was peace - yet, He could use it all. As He says in Ecclesiastes: between birth and death, there is a time for everything.....it doesn't matter, if we make a ton of money, if we live successfully by the worlds standards, if we learn all there is to learn......in the end, what really counts, is: Did we fulfil His purpose, could He use us....because, in doing this, there is great freedom. It's AMAZING, that in obedience there should be freedom, and in surrendering to His Will, there should be PEACE - but that's exactly, what we find, when we surrender our rebellion, our stubbornness, our 'I can do this by myself - I don't need anybody' - finally we can let go, and let God. 

That's the most liberating task in life. All of the sudden we don't crave substitutes for the real thing (sweets, affection and affirmation by those around us, riches....) the REAL THING is the Love and Acceptance of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He doesn't want to lord it over us, but He wants to share our lives with us - as the best friend, anybody could ever have. So true and faithful.

So thankful for His redeeming Love and His tender touch. One thing I can say for sure today is: Never ever was I so comfortable in my own skin - do I dare to be wholly me. Being authentic to the core of all that God equipped me with for this life, without the fear of being judged by my fellowmen, cause I am fully accepted and loved by the one, who made me.

My prayer for you tonight is, that you may feel inspired to press forward into God - He will meet you, where ever you are at this moment, and He knows your heart.....and He Loves You unconditionally forever and ever, and nothing you can do, will change this love (for better or worse) - HE LOVES YOU 'Period'. Because you were created in His image - to do even greater things than He. DARE to believe in Yourself, as He believes in YOU!!!

With such deep affection and love,
your sister in Christ

Saturday, 14 January 2012

His messages are loud and clear :)

Hello my dear friends - this is absolutely awesome.....God is conveying all kinds of messages to me.....often I feel him instantly replying to my prayers, sometimes I stumble across something, that I read, and I know, He speaks to me through these words....either nudging me to pray for someone....or conveying answers to my prayers.......I am literally in Awe!!!

I love Him so much - and all that I learn these days, is so rewarding!!! Love Him, Love Him, Love Him..........

My prayer for all mankind is, that we might all engage in such a deep relationship with Him, and our fellow men, that Love truly rules the world. Then we will have reached Heaven here on Earth!!! Praying that this new Heaven and this New Earth will be here real soon. Yet I know, that He is patiently waiting, for ALL His Children to return to Him!!!

Praising my Heavenly Father eternally

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Jesus is the Healer

Good morning my dear friends - this morning I read the whole Book 1 Peter - and it's amazing, how following Jesus and being filled with the Spirit helps understanding the Bible way way better than ever before.

Here is, what I read this morning: there will be false prophets, that's a given, but maybe the ones we're thinking are false prophets are not the false prophets at all - the religious leaders might be the ones leading us the wrong direction......in their judgemental ways and in pointing us into being saved only by DOING the right thing. For who knows, what's right for our neighbour - none other than Jesus Christ alone does. What is wrong for one isn't wrong for the other.....so let's leave the judging up to God - let's Jesus be the mediator for all sinners - He has a plan for ALL of us!!!

Scoffers that don't have respect for supernatural beings - that's the false prophets. Not the ones, trying to find their way Home into the loving arms of God - being led by the Holy Spirit. We all have no idea, what the Spirit reveals to those around us - we can only see, what He reveals to us as true. So please friends, let's not think ours is the only way - Jesus is far greater than that, and God's ways are so much higher than ours - He is in Control.

Jesus is the Healer - he is a) the best physician and b) the best therapist, as He picks up every hurting soul, where he or she is at that particular time in their lives, to mold them into His likeness - that's the reason why I was so drawn to become a therapist all my life (at first not knowingly.....as I just was drawn to read books about reaching autistic children) - not knowing, that following this dream,  would mean following in the footsteps of the most High - Praise God for his providence.....He is been guiding me all through my life, to be just that.

Follow your dreams, search your heart, for the things that make you the happiest, the most fulfilled - obviously I am not talking about the carnal desires, cause they would only be leading you further down the destructive path - but God gave you some deep desires and passions......that's where he wants to use you mightily - You can count on that!!!

Christ fulfils all our needs, where ever we are - He is bigger than any problem you might face - give it to God 1. Peter 5:7 says: Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you. I promise you, you will be surprised at what detail He truly is invested in your every day life.

Glory to God - God bless you and keep you - may His Light Shine upon you forever.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Reversal of Destiny once again....

Today I met with my sister for lunch - it's amazing, what God has done between the 2 of us - today we truly see eye to eye.....we're enjoying each others company much more today than before - and I think it's because we're now more mature in our Faith and in our relationship with the Lord.

Very grateful indeed. 

The other situation, that I mentioned in this blog before, regarding the the struggle between  my parents and my brother......thanks to God, it also has gotten to a more manageable level. Yesterday, when I spoke to my Dad, he said, that he was starting to feel that truly it would end well - that he was starting to believe me, when I said that all would be well. - Hallelujah - God is truly in control.

The only thing that makes me still sad, is the place that my mother has reached, despite that God has saved her life almost 10 months ago - she is still in a place, where she fights everybody all the time.....not seeing the need to repent and take responsibility for her life, thus bowing down to Jesus, and admitting her sins and asking for forgiveness. Yet, I believe, that God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. He is faithful to the end. I wish I could help her more.....but yet, I can't and I shouldn't - because the decision to follow Christ really has to be made by each and everyone individually!!! There are only God's children up in Heaven - no mothers or grandchildren.....we all have to bow down to Christ's Lordship and follow Him - then we're being adopted as Children and Heirs of God Almighty.....brothers and sisters of Christ. So I will get down on my knees and lift her up to the one, who holds the earth in the palm of His hands.....the ONLY ONE who can make a difference in my mother's life.

But I believe in His promises, that He will never quit until He's through.....and since He has created my mother in His image, He will see to it, that she'll be united with the lover of her soul eventually.

I believe, that her soul is just so hurt, and that she is in desperate need for healing - and I know, that the Lord will find a way, to reach her, and to turn things around for her - IN HIS TIME!!! So I trust and obey!!!

There are quite some similarities in my mom and my son - they both blame everything on someone else. They never are the ones responsible for mistakes or problems - when my son came in 5th at the ski race, while we were away, he actually said it was the ski's fault......that's my mom - obviously not to this extend, but similar just the same :s. So my prayer is, that they would both be transformed - and I know, that God is in control and that He will do it in His time - that He is in control of the How He is going to do it.....and I am praying that I will be able to see it happening in both cases.....that they will not be walking around in the wilderness for 40+ years, before they can enter the promised land.

And when it happens, everybody will see that it was the Hand of God, who again worked out a miracle and saved them from destruction. I have been given promises for either one, so I am not worried at all - I will keep on lifting them up in prayer, trusting in the Lord to make this reversal of destiny visible.

If I think about what He has done in my life - how could I ever doubt His power and providence again. 

Praise God - AMEN

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Swimming with the Dolphins - Trusting God

This, too was written above the clouds :) - so close to Heaven :) - Jan. 6th, 2012

Here I am watching a movie about Dolphins.........we're about to go swimming with the dolphins in March - God just never fails to provide deeper insight into things that concern us.

God just always provides in the most awesome way - just how He orchestrated, that my Ex-husband was there, when I had to fly to Europe when my mom had her emergency in March of last year- only the Creator of the Universe could have orchestrated it that way! He is in Control - ALL THE TIME!!! I am so grateful!!!

Then He saved my mom's life - and even though she is still not seeing her need for forgiveness and a personal Savior, I know, He will make a way, where there seems to be no way!!! In Him there ALWAYS is Victory!!! 

Thank you ABBA-Father - my  Daddy who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name - Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread (One Day @a time) - and Forgive us our Trespasses as we Forgive Those who trespass against us - and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil, for Thine is the KINGDOM, the POWER and the GLORY FOREVER and EVER AMEN!!! 

You are the most wonderful friend I've ever had......your provision just never ends!!! You always are right at the center of our deepest desires!!! You're so concerned about the slightest detail - and your timing is ALWAYS BEST!!! In You I trust 4ever more!!!

I PRAISE His Name today and throughout ETERNITY!!! 

I am flying indeed

I wrote this in the airplane from Zurich to Montreal - Jan.6th, 12

Hi friends, I am flying, and that's not only because I am above the clouds in an air plane on my way from Zurich to Montreal :)

Ever since my best friend (Jesus Christ) decided to take permanent residence inside of me, through His counsellor (the Holy Spirit) - or should I say ever since I invited Him to stay -  I have been flying. Life has become the most exciting it's ever been. Today I gladly receive His Gift, that ALL I HAVE TO DO, is WHAT He asks me to do, WHEN he asks me to do it......THEN He takes care of the HOW He's doing WHAT He's planned to do!!! AMAZING!!! And the best is: sometimes it doesn't even have to be me, who's doing anything - then I simply get to enjoy life in His presence and all His Blessings He bestows upon me. What a great great #JOY!!! 

His #Love and #Peace flood my soul @all times - eternally #GRATEFUL!!! He has totally blown me away - He is everywhere I look - and even if I don't look, He is still there. But most of all: He's always with me - He literally moved in with me (or should I say, despite all my failures, He's never moved out.) That in itself is the grandest Gift of all :)

Enjoying every day of my life with my special friend yesterday, today and tomorrow! In Christ we have eternal life, that's for sure - beyond #Grateful :) 

Love Him with all my Heart forever and ever, AMEN

Monday, 2 January 2012

Joy, Love and Peace for 2012

First Blog in 2012 - Hello my friends......what an awesome end of 2011 and a great beginning of 2012. - May the Light and Love of Jesus shine through for you all this New Year. That Peace and Love may abide here on earth throughout the New Year.  I believe it's the Year of great favour from our God. Take it and seize it!!!

This trip to Europe - the Top of the World (the Swiss Alps) - how the PR People from around here call this place, has proven to be such a tremendous blessing. Seems as if the blessings are flowing abundantly now pretty much all the time - what great Joy!!!

The glittering snow (looks like true diamonds have been dropped straight from Heaven), the blue sky (even when it's snowing, it seems magical) - what a gift. The Lord is revealing Himself to me everywhere I go, I see His face everywhere, even through the clouds. Such a blessing,

Yesterday I was taking a train ride through Winter Wonderland....accompanying Bekkie (my lovely niece) to Zurich Airport, and back to Celerina. Bekkie is my sister's youngest daughter, and somehow we have never really met, since just yesterday, or maybe a couple of days ago (even though we have seen each other many times over the years), we never connected on a deeper level. But yesterday in the train, we talked about so many things and it was a great joy, to spend this time together......Aunt/Niece Bonding time indeed. She is quite the girl. I enjoyed to get to know her better - finally!!! Grateful about that as well.

When I looked out of the window of the train, I saw the beautiful mountains - all covered in snow......who can look at such pristine beauty and not see the creator behind this splendour? To me, as I grow more and more aware of His Presence all around, it all makes so much sense.....God created the earth and all the living creatures, all the plants and all the stones, the seas and all the creatures in the sea for us to enjoy!!! But most of all He longs to enjoy it with us.....when we acknowledge that He wants to be our closest companion in our lives.....when we tell Him, how much we love Him and how much we enjoy His gifts, He is so happy, to bless us more and more each day. I noticed, that He has a great sense of Humour, too. He wants to laugh with us - be there through serious times, where He disciplines us and refines us, comfort us in times of our struggles....but then again and again, he just wants us, to enjoy His presence and He loves to show us all the treasures of his Creation........When I reflect on His Character and what He has given me lately, I can sum this up with these words:

He brings me great Joy - this great Joy makes my entire being smile - sometimes weep, out of deep deep gratitude and awe - the tears I am crying today are mainly Happy Tears!!! I am moved to tears, when I see and feel the great care, He has taken, to mold me into the person He created me to be, even before I was born, all the tender ways He is purifying me day by day - year by year......all the little details, He cares about in my life. What a loving Father He is - and then, having Jesus as my Big Brother is the best thing yet.....with Him I can feel safe, he is never going to hurt me, nor let anybody hurt me. Now that I have Him in my life as my daily companion and best friend, I cannot even imagine, how I could ever have lived without feeling His tender Love for me.

Overwhelmed - Grateful - Full of Joy - Never Again Ashamed and Guilty - Blessed with such a wonderful Family (both my earthly and my heavenly family). Not perfect, but Forgiven and made Holy in the Presence of the Lord. Our Challenges and Struggles truly are our Blessings in Disguise - He is using all this, to change us from Glory to Glory.....into His Likeness. I can see clearly now :)

Thank you Abba Father - You are my Life!!!!

In Christ forever - His Grace is all we'll ever need!!!