Sunday, 6 May 2012

He anoints and appoints - He recharges us.....

He anoints and appoints - how amazing is that. Leaders of countries, Leaders of Churches, Heads of companies, teachers, nurses, mothers, fathers - when we do what we are meant to do, we are fulfilled, joyful - and we are never running on empty. Even if you're extremely occupied and one meeting is after the other, if it's on God's to do list for you, He will recharge you.....

I had such a scenario on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Under normal circumstances, i should have been incredibly exhausted - but I wasn't, actually I felt highly energized. Thank you Jesus, for helping me to be in tune more and more with your will for me.

If you are tired and exhausted, chances are, that you are either not where God wants you to be, or you are trying to do what you're called to do in your own strength. This has been me for many many years - I was constantly exhausted, with no way out.....ever - yet today, after laying it all down at the feet of my saviour, I am tired at the end of the day, yes, but never exhausted in the same way, I used to be.

Now that I know, that He is the one in charge of the How, and I surrendered all the things, that I thought I had to do or fix myself, to Him, I feel energized and Joyful all the time - despite of or because of my circumstances - even if the whole world persecutes me for my faith and think that I am on the wrong track......I know, that I will forever only have to report to Him - no one can ever take me hostage again.

When I came here a little over 3 years ago, and through all the struggles, I often prayed, that God would send me true friends, friends that would love me, for who I am and not for who they thought I should be. This prayer has been answered plentiful. I am forever grateful for all the wonderful people, God has put into my life.

If you are somewhere feeling lonely, ask God to send you people who truly accept and love you for who you are - I know, He will bless you with friends, just as He has blessed me. He wants you to have wonderful relationships - He is a relational God. And while you are waiting for Him to bless you with true friends, draw close to Him - for He is your very best friend......

Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given unto you!!!! Once you have found the kingdom of God all else will have lost significance, it is then that we can receive all the blessings, God longs to give to us with a grateful heart - it is then, that all we do and have has a deeper meaning and is not self-serving anymore.

God bless you my friends - Good Night

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