Friday, 4 May 2012

What an amazing conference....

Yesterday I went to the most fabulous Conference - the 24th Annual School Psychology Conference - the speakers were: Dr. Stuart Shanker and Jane Bertrand - what an amazing pair.

When I walked into the Building, a string orchestra was playing live music - first time moved to tears - I just love strings.......okay, then I got a coffee and a muffin - some water and off I went listening to the most amazing account of the work they're doing, to help to free children with autism - how to reframe how we look at the children in our society. I was moved to tears many times, but especially, when Stuart Shanker said, that every child has a beautiful gift inside - that's what God says about all of us - and Dr. Shanker has grasped this essence with his work - I don't know, if he is a christian or not, but He shared deep insight on what's wrong with our society today, and how kids are suffering with an overload for their senses - and he has found a way to help to connect with autistic children. 

On one hand I wish I had known about his work several years back, maybe the path for my son could have been easier - but then again, that might have not been helpful in our journey, as I might have relied on Dr. Shanker and not on God alone, to see us through. But now, that I have placed all my trust in God, it's good to know, that there is people like Dr. Shanker - who is also one of God's masterpieces, God placed the desire, to do brain research and ultimately help children to connect on a deeper level to their environment and those around them, in his heart. This research will help our society tremendously - and it will reach more and more people all over the world over time. Thanking God for His great plan, to redeem all mankind, through people in all kinds of walks.

You may remember, that I always wanted to help reach and unlock children with autism - well, who knows, maybe one day I will be able to work with Dr. Shanker from the therapeutic side of things - for now, I will direct people in my sphere of influence, that have children with autism to him. But from what I am experiencing in my life right now: God has so many surprises and miracles up His sleeve, that I just leave it all up to Him and just keep trusting Him,knowing that He knows, what He is doing, and go, where He is directing me. 

He even played a song for me today, when I turned on the radio in the car, when I went to pick up the kids from the bus, that many many years back someone had left on my answering machine - brought a smile to my face. That's what I mean, when I say, God is involved in every moment of our lives and He at all times gives us what we need - and He's amazing at surprising me every moment of my life. God right now is giving me Butterflies everywhere, they are His special gift to me - they now are my trademark (I even have a Butterfly tattoo on my wrist - and the most important word of all times engraved there: GRACE) His Grace has truly set me free and given me wings to fly!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

I love you my friends, and I am so thankful for all of you - thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog!!! I am praying for you always and I send you hugs and blessings tonight

your sister in Christ - forever praising Him for His Faithfulness

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