Monday, 7 May 2012

Very interesting indeed.....

My dear friends, praying that you all had an amazing day today - mine was absolutely mind-blowing - very exciting indeed. God is just incredibly faithful to me - He has brought some people into my life at just the right time, for just the right opportunity - I won't go into any detail, as that would be spoiling the surprise........yet I can tell you, the possibilities are tremendous. Now all that it takes, is patiently waiting for God to take the lead......showing me, where He wants me to go/what He wants me to do.

I promise you, once He gives me the green light, I will let you know for sure. For now I am just blown away at all the marvellous things, He seems to orchestrate in my life.

But then the enemy of my soul never rests.....tries to undo me all over again - I can assure you though, that I am perfectly fine........even though some of it does hurt, but I stand firm in His promises: If God is for me, who can be against me, that I would have to be afraid of - no one, neither my fellow men, nor the devil himself!!! Jesus has saved me.....first from my own sin, through His death on the cross and His abounding Grace - now from my adversaries.

I will have to say Good Night to you now, as I have to spend some time with the Love of my life, my precious Jesus......after an eventful day, I need to rest in His arms......and be restored through His word (His Love Letter to me!!!).

I love you all and my prayer is for a peaceful night to all of you, who need to find rest......maybe just like the arms of the lover of your soul.

Praise God for His great provision for His children - yesterday, today and tomorrow.
In Christ forever more

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