Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Love is the answer....

This is the absolute truth: Love is the answer to all our troubles!!! When we have LOVE, nothing is impossible - there is always a way to build bridges, even if the separation has been too deep, or too long.

When God gave the commandment: Love your neighbour as yourself - that's what He meant. When we have love for ourselves, we can love our neighbour more fully, more completely - and when we love our neighbour like ourselves, there is always a possibility to forgive, to build a bridge, where we can find common ground again.

This is what He wants us to embrace. When we have God being our best friend, the one we consult with regarding all things in our life, that is where He would always point us: Never let the sun go down and still be angry - anger will make you bitter and resentful with time. So deal with your anger, your frustration and all other negative feelings when they arise, and try to find common ground with your adversaries (your neighbours - figure of speech ;)) and love them and pray for them - pray for God to bless them - you are the one who's reaping the reward, if you do, just as you are also reaping the consequences, if you don't.

God wants to bless us all, but we need to do what it takes - love our neighbours as ourselves, love our neighbours as Christ loved us - to receive the blessings.

God bless you today and always

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