Sunday, 6 May 2012

You mean so much to Him

What an amazing concert last night in Toronto: Michael W. Smith - performing at The Church at Queensway. I just love the guy - his music has been inspirational for me in my walk with Christ for almost 20 years. His Lyrics always hit home and his music has helped to heal many many wounds in my heart - and he has inspired me to trust in God, to believe, that I really mattered to my Heavenly Father. Yesterday his message was again: God is incredibly fond of us - He really really loves us, and we can/have to stand tall in the promises of God......

You all know these promises - I have mentioned them galore in this blog.....over and over again. Let me tell you one more time: God would have sent His only son to die for you - if you had been the only person on earth. He just loves you. You are His Masterpiece, he created you to fulfil your destiny, the purpose He prepared for you, before the earth was created. He lovingly and patiently waits for your return. The story of the Prodigal  Son is true......and Our Heavenly Father is actively waiting for you to return. He will never grow weary - He believes in you, that you will return to Him eventually. So He waits and waits.......may I suggest, that you run to Him tonight - He so longs to wrap His loving arms around you and give you all the blessings He has prepared for you since the beginning of time.

What are we waiting for???

Tonight I am praying for you - that you would claim the promises of God for yourself, that you'd be able to withstand the enemy of your soul, that whispers lies over lies into your heart and mind - prompts you to build walls around your heart. Stand tall in the promises of God - that all is possible for Him, who believes. It doesn't even have to be you.....if someone prays for you, you can be saved - Prayer is powerful. I am praying for all of those, who asked me for prayer on their behalf....I have people that I need to pray for  - and I am praying for all of you in general. God knows your heart, and He will make a way, where there seems to be no way. 

If you want me to pray for you individually and more in depth, please feel free to send me a message on Facebook (Youschka Heintz) or follow me on twitter (youschka2012) - I do follow back :)

Jesus had you in mind, when He died on the Cross - You are forgiven
Your sister in Christ - forever and ever

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