Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It's a dance........

Hello my dear friends.....let me start by saying: I love you :) - God is so good........ALL THE TIME!!! I don't know why, but music is one of the best ways for me, to connect to my Daddy, who is in Heaven.....and right now, a certain song from Stevie Wonder is floating through my head and it has been coming up over and over again.....and I can assure you, it's not that I listened to it in the last little while - so I believe that this is the Spirit talking to me.....and He is saying.....: let me start by saying, I love you. It feels like, He is asking me to dance this dance with Him, and to rest in His embrace forever and ever - I will gladly take His hand. How precious is that??? It's through Music, that we communicate, through His word, through what other people say to us, or what we read throughout the day.....or which ever way works for you - it could be images or dreams as well.....and those are only the ones I am thinking of right now....He might choose totally different venues to talk to you - oh another way I find He's talking to me right now, is through Butterflies - I see them pictures, on cakes, on the table cloth I have on the table right now.......and tons and tons of real ones outside right now :) - there is a message in a flower, a bird, a heart shaped stone in a grave know what I mean. He is EVERYWHERE around you, you just have to SEE it and RECEIVE it - knowing in your heart, that it is for you.

I remember an instant many many years ago - I was working in a restaurant in Brampton, and I had just found out, that my co-owner had talked behind my back in a very nasty way - after I had confronted her, I was going to never ever in my life talk to her again. I then organized the newspapers in the restaurant, and one of the Headlines read: You are called to forgive - Ooooooops, I sure didn't want to hear that, then, in that circumstance, cause she had absolutely wronged me......yet, I knew, that it was God telling me, to forgive her - as I had been forgiven by Him - so I did it........she was in tears, and truly grateful, and our relationship has been much deeper then for the remaining time I worked with her, and even we've lost touch, but I know, that at this moment, I had blessed her, but I had also blessed myself - because unforgiveness causes a lot of pain - and Love covers a multitude of sin. And, obedience to the Holy Spirit brings big blessings. 

I urge you my friends, take all your hurts to your Father, who is in Heaven......He can deal with all your pain, and He can take you in His arms and comfort you, and bind up your wounds - that others might have afflicted upon you either unknowingly, unconsciously - utterly unaware, or because they have been hurt themselves, and they are trapped in their own behavioural patterns, that they cannot be any other way. Extend Forgiveness and Grace to them - as you yourself have been forgiven, by the Father. 

Ultimately, by forgiving them, you're freeing yourself out of the bondage you could have been in - and you're letting go of the burden.....passing it on to the One, who will judge each and everyone justly, He will do what He promises, He will judge those that persecute you. When you forgive, you trust that God, who knows your heart, and who knows their heart, knows what to do......

With this comes great freedom, the freedom, that God intended for His children. I am forever grateful, I am one of them. And I pray, that you may claim this truth for yourself as well. I lift you up in prayer to the Most High - I pray that you would be able to rest solely in Him.....not ever being tempted to go back to your old ways.

Praising God for His Faithfulness yesterday, today and tomorrow,
yours in Christ with Love and Grace forever

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